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Volvo car finance

Amazingly, given Sweden’s savage winters, the first Volvo of 1927 was an open car. It didn’t take long for a covered version to appear. Volvo built its brand reputation on solid engineering and constantly pushing for better driving safety. In fact, in the 70s the US Traffic Safety Administration actually used the Volvo 240 as a benchmark for Federal auto safety standards.

Safety is still a Volvo priority, but there’s been a conscious shift to make their cars more sexy too. At Carfinance247 we believe Volvos succeed on both counts. The Volvo estates, the Volvo S40, Volvo S60 and Volvo S80 saloons and the cross country Volvo XC60, Volvo XC70 and Volvo XC90 tick all the right boxes. That’s why we’re set up to offer you car finance and car loans for every model in the current Volvo range. Better still, we can often help you out if you have a bad credit history, and you don’t necessarily need a deposit to buy with us.

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