Car Finance with a Guarantor

If my credit isn't high enough for you to get me finance would i have more of a chance if I had a guarantor? Or if I applied with a joint applicant?

Hi Ryan, as long as the guarantor had good credit (or better credit than you) then yes, this would improve your chances of being approved for car finance.

How bad is your credit can you prove your income? We may well be able to get you approved on your own as we do have lenders that help people with past issues. The decision is yours but it may be wise to make an application with a guarantor attached.

Have you applied for a car loan elsewhere and if so, can you tell me who you have been dclined by? Please make an application when you are ready and once accepted we provide a no obligation quote and you can buy a car from any dealer. Sorry for all the questions. Kind Regards, Edwin

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Hi Ricki, thank you for your question.

We do have lenders that help people with bad credit get car finance and being on the electoral register isn't mandatory - it just helps to trace your history.

Adding a guarantor is obviously a good thing as this can improve your chances of getting an acceptance as lenders view the deal as a lower risk. Please make an application and once approved we provide a no obligation quote and you can buy a car from any dealer in the UK. Kind Regards, Edwin

Hello, If you have a poor credit score and aren't on the electoral register can you still get a car finance? Also, i can add a guarantor with good credit? Would this help?

Posted by Ricki Saunders on

Hi G. McRobert, thank you for your question.

Payslips would certainly suffice for proof of income rather than bank statements. We may also need a proof of address (utility bill for example) and obviously a copy of your driving licence.

Do you know who your personal finance advisor is and i'll have them call you ASAP? If not please provide your reference number and we'll go from there. Thank you for coming back to us. Kind Regards, Edwin

Hi, I was accepted for finance with you in December but couldn't find a car I liked.

I am just about to change banks to get a joint account with my girlfriend so I will have no bank statements to show you. Will 4 or 5 payslips do? Thanks

Posted by G Mcrobert on

Hi Esther, thank you for your question.

Who is your current finance with if you don't have a driving licence? We can help but as you have bad credit you'd be best to apply with a guarantor who has good credit and a driving licence.

Please make the application when you can and once accepted we provide a no obligation quote and you can choose a car from any dealer. Kind Regards, Edwin

Hi David, thank you for your question.

Unfortunately, there is no way of taking one person off an agreement and adding another person on without cancelling the existing agreement and taking out a new one.

In this situation it doesn't make sense to do that as your step-daughter is making all of her payments on time. Kind Regards, Edwin

Hi there, I have a very bad credit history.

I currently have a finance agreement on a car and I would like to sell it to pay off the outstanding finance to get a new car as the APR is extremely high.

The monthly repayments are very high at £500 of which i am struggling to pay consistently. I could however comfortably pay £350 a month. I also have £1000 to include as deposit.

I do not have a full licence but could ask a family friend who is self employed with a good credit history to act as a guarantor - he has a full licence. How successful would an application be? Or am i better off asking my friend to take out the finance for me? Esther

Posted by Esther on

Hi, My step daughter bought a car with her boyfriend's Dad as guarantor. She has been making the payments from her bank account without fail.

However, she has now split from him and wants to know if it is possible if I can take over as guarantor. I don't have a problem with this but not sure if he can be removed. Thanks.

Posted by David Walton on

Hi Jeremy, thank you for your question.

I'm confident we could get you approved for car finance if you made a joint application with your partner as we do have lenders on our panel that help bankrupts and ex-bankrupts get finance.

You both obviously have good incomes but the APR you receive will be higher than those you typically see on the high streets unfortunately. A sensible rate for someone in your circumstances would be between 19.9% and 24.9%.

Once approved with us we provide a no obligation quote and you can choose a car from any dealer.

Please make an application when you are ready. have a good evening. Edwin

Hello, I have been disclosed bankrupt in 2010, but obviously i still can't get car finance. My partner as offered to be a guarantor for me she earns £42000 a year.

I run my own business and turnover £6500 to £7500 per month. Will I be able to get finance from you and avoid the high APR rate?

Thanks, Jeremy

Posted by Jeremy Dale Foster on

Hi Nathan, that's great news. Please apply when you can and i'm confident we can help secure you the finance you need. Edwin

Thank you for the follow up :) yes I am on the electoral roll, am able to prove my income and I currently have a deposit of £5000 for a vehicle worth £21,000.

Posted by Nathan on

Hi Nathan, with various lenders we work with they do indeed allow grand parents to stand as a guarantor for a car loan. How much finance do you need and how is your credit history? You say you have a large deposit that will certainly help your case. Lastly, are you on the electoral roll at your current address and can you prove your income with payslips etc? Kind Regards, Edwin

Hi there, I'm 24 and looking to buy a new car on finance but I think I'm going to need a guarantor despite having a large deposit. My question is - Would my 76 year old grandmother be allowed? She is now unemployed but has an excellent credit history and owns a large property.

Posted by Nathan on

Hi Gayna, thank you for your question. I'd love to be able to help and we do have many lenders on our panel who help people with poor credit. The cars you have seen at £89 p/month will be on low rate finance deals of which you'd struggle to secure. How much are you looking to borrow and what is your maximum monthly budget? Once approved with us you can choose your car from any dealer and we organise all the paperwork. Kind Regards, Edwin

Hi, I am a 38 year old teacher, unfortunately I have poor credit history. I need to get a new car as my mothers car died and I want to give her my old one as she cannot afford to purchase a new one. How can I get credit to pay monthly for a new car. I have seen cars for just £89 per month which is well within my budget. Many thanks, Gayna Duckworth

Posted by Gayna Duckworth on

Hi Matthew, your granddad could be your guarantor as he is employed with a good credit history. Do you have any credit registered at your new address (bank account, credit cards, loans etc). Please make a joint application when you can.

Hi, i'm 19, employed and moved house 5 months ago. I think i'm on the electoral roll in my old house, Would my granddad aged 78 be my guarantor? He is full time employed with good credit but has no licence? Can he still be my guarantor?

Posted by Matthew on

Hi John, thank you for your question. In terms of getting approved the best option is to make a joint application. That way both incomes and credit scores can be taken into account. Good luck. Kind Regards, Edwin

Hi, my daughters boyfriend (he's 22 ) is a self employed window cleaner with his own business for 2 years. He has a reasonable credit rating but cannot get finance for a car. My daughter is only 20 (nearly 21) and has been in full time employment for 4 years. Would she qualify as guarantor?

Posted by John on

Hi Reginald, as your son doesn't work we my struggle if he doesn't have a good / active credit history. If he does than you can sign as a co-signer but most lenders need to see proof of income. Does your son have a good credit record?

I just want to know if my son can make an application although he doesn't work. As you know he has a licence. Can i and my wife then co sign for the car finance?

Posted by Reginald on

Hi Reginald, if you have a good credit record there is one lender who can help even though you don't have a driving licence. Please make an application in your name when you get a few spare minutes. Kind Regards, Edwin

I want a car, but my son has a licence. I have a good credit record but do not have a licence. My son is looking for work. What can i do?

Posted by Reginald on

Hi Karl, as your friend will be financing the car he'd have to be the named owner on the V5. It's not ideal if i'm honest and i'd advise against it as it can cause a lot of problems in the future. It'd be best for you to make an application and have a family member on the application as a guarantor.

Because of my poor credit rating my friend has said he would apply for finance for me but I will have to pay from my bank. Is this possible?

Posted by Karl Taylor on

Hi Kelly, we'd love to help. To add a guarantor you just need to add this to your application. On the first step of the application there is a question asking "would you like to make it a joint application"? Edwin

Hi, I am 30 and already have car finance 1 year out of 5, it is a high apr. I am looking to change my car and feel that I will not get the car I want as my income is low £19k, and previous credit history wasn't great. How do I add my dad as a guarantor? For example, to apply with yourself? Will that also help with a higher value car. Car I have seen is approx £15k?

Posted by Kelly on

Hi Julie, Due to your daughters age, as far as I am aware any guarantor would need to have good credit. Has you daughter applied with ourselves? If not then I suggest she makes an application as we have been able to secure approvals for customers in similar situations. I hope this helps, Edwin

Hi Edwin, My daughter has just turned 18 and is looking to finance her first car. She has just recently been accepted for a mobile phone contract but has no other credit history. When applying for car finance she was accepted but requires a garantor, she has suggested her Dad but his credit rating is poor. WIll this stop her from being accepted? many Thanks

Posted by Julie on

Hi Sara, I would advise that you put a joint application through. We can then have a look at both yours and your partners credit and assess what the best option for you would be. Due to your age however we would be looking to obtain you an approval of no more than around £5000. This may increase with a guarantor I hope this helps. Thanks Edwin

Hi I'm 20 years old and looking to get 5000 finance on a car would I need a garauntor I have a good credit rating and full time work for over 2 years with over 1200 monthly income? Could my 22 year old partner be a garauntor with an excellent credit rating?

Posted by Sara on

Hi Brandon. Thank you for your question. We may be able to help. Are you registered on the electoral roll? If not I strongly advise that you do this now. You have 2 options really. You can wait a few months once you have turned 18 and try to obtain some form of credit such as a small credit card/ mobile phone contract/ overdraft. Once you have obtained some credit I adivse that you keep up to date on your payments. Once this is the case we may be able to get you approved on your own for around £5k. Alternatively you can see if your father would be willing to take the finance out in his name (he stands a better chance due to his age and should be able to obtain a higher advance)? However he will be liable for the vehicle. I hope this helps. Edwin

Hi, I'll be 18 in April and I'm looking to take finance when I turn 18. I'm in full time work and earn around £1000 a month. I would have my dad as a guarantor who has good credit history, would there be a chance of getting finance then?

Posted by Brandon on

Hi Adrien, Having a guarantor doesn't necessarily guarantee you finance but it can go a long way in helping gain an approval. You would need to put an application in so we can have a look at both credit profiles and assess what the best option for you would be. I hope this helps, Edwin :)

Hi Donna, yes unfortunately he will be able to take the vehicle from you as it is his name on the finance papers and he is 100% liable for the vehicle. I hope this helps. regards, Edwin

Hi Nathan, if your partner finances the vehicle in her name then it is the finance company who owns the car but she will be the registered keeper. You can change this so that you are the registered keeper, however she will still be 100% liable for the vehicle. I hope this helps. Kind regards, Edwin :)

It looks like I am away to get rejected for finance on a new car. My partner has said that she is happy to take the finance on in her name as she knows our finances OK. My question though, if she takes the finance she will be the owner of the car. Does this mean I cannot drive the car as much as she does? The car is for my commute to work, which is 25K miles a year and she only drives possibly 150 miles a month at most so I am the main driver. How will this affect things if she were to be the owner but I wanted to be the main driver?

Posted by Nathan on

hi i have a guarantor but not alot of work history i have wages coming in to my bank no overdrafts what are my chances of approval . adrien thanks

Posted by Adrien on

Hi my boyfriend brought me a car as a present but he pays finance on it and the log book is in his name but insurance is in my name as main driver and he's not on th poilcy! If we spit up can he take the car off me? Plz help

Posted by Donna on

Hi Steven. Yes it is possible to gain finance for you if you put a guarantor on the application and they do not necessarily need a full licence as long as you have one. It is worth putting one through so we can see how we can help. Edwin :)

i am currently a house husband i receive 688 pm in tax credits,i have a good/poor credit score, my wife also has a full time job and an good credit score but no drivers licence. Can i apply for a car loan using either my wife or parents as a guarantor

Posted by Steven on

Thanks Gareth, have you applied to be placed on the electoral roll? If not, make an application with your guarantor and we'll see what we can do. If you were to apply on your own i'd advise to wait until you are on the electoral roll. Kind Regards, Edwin

It is all linked to new address, I can prove my address, provide bank statements to show income

Posted by Gareth on

Hi Gareth, electoral roll history is important to be honest as it provides a trace for lenders. Where is your current active credit registered too - your address now or an old address? Edwin

Hi, I am currently not on the electoral roll but am seeking finance. I earn £1400 a month and could get a guarantor. Would I be approved for finance, my score is good, thanks

Posted by Gareth on

Hi Gemma, that would be absolutely fine. Please apply yourself and add your father on as a guarantor (joint applicant). I'm very confident we could get you approved so please apply when you feel ready. When accepted you have the choice of selecting a car from a local & reputable dealership or choosing a car from our website and they come with 12 months MOT, 6 months warranty and free delivery. Good luck :-)

Hi, would i be able to get car finance? I am a single mum and don't think i have the best credit rating but my dad said he would go guarantor for me as his credit is good. Thanks

Posted by Gemma on

Hi Daniel, if you make a joint application with a guarantor and you get declined it won't effect your guarantor's credit history whatsoever. As you have a good income and a good credit score for your age i'm confident we could secure you £4000 to £5000 perhaps. Edwin

Hi, I will be trying to get finance on a car. I am 18 but have a good income for my age and my credit score has increased dramatically in the last few months. I am wondering what are my chances of getting finance? And if I use a guarantor but still get rejected does the credit rating of my guarantor get affected in a bad way? Many thanks!

Posted by Daniel on

Hi John, we should be able to help even though you only have a part time job. I'd imagine we could get you between £4000 and £5000. What amount were you looking for and do you have a deposit? Please apply on our website when you get 3 minutes. Have a great weekend. Edwin

Hi, I'm thinking about going on finance, I have good credit history ( I think ) never been refused any contracts, I'm 20 but not sure i would get a finance car by having a part time job? What's best way to go about getting a car?

Posted by John on

Hi Helen, from what you have said i'm confident we could get you approved. Do you know which lender the car dealership had you approved with before they declined you? Kind Regards, Edwin

Hi, I have a very low credit scoring - can you still get car finance?? I have a full time job, i'm on the electoral roll, have two credit cards and a store card that are all upto date, no missed payments but I have had a lot of searches on my file from a car dealership which I was accepted then declined? Please Help

Posted by Helen on

Hi Edwin, if we could get you approved based upon your income i think £4000 to £5000 would be realistic. Do you have a deposit at all?

Hi, I have really bad credit and i just wanted to find out if i could get a car on finance. I have a guarantor and i earn £18k a year. My guarantor earns almost twice that amount. Would i be able to get finance and how much do you think it would be?

Posted by Edwin K on

Hi Matt, thank you for your question. If i'm honest i'd be surprised if you get passed with Santander due to the amount of searches you've had for loans in the past and the missed payments on your credit cards. However, i could be wrong. If you do get declined fully please make a joint application on our website and we'll try our best to get you approved as we have over 25 lenders currently on our panel. Edwin

Hi Charlie, yes - there is a chance we can get you finance with a guarantor that has a good credit history and it doesn't matter that they live at a different address. If we get you approved you'll be able to register the car in your own name. Edwin

Hello Ed, I'm aged 20, earning £1600+ a month with a good secure career in the railway. I have 2 credit cards, one of which is going from £250 limit to £1000 in a few days. I have had and maintained these cards for at least a year with only 2/3 misses across both cards. I have a credit account with little woods, I have also been approved on an overdraft recently with HSBC. I have 2 mobiles on a contract which I have always paid for the past 2 years. I have been declined once or twice within the past year for bank loans but that's it really. I have returned to Vauxhall to get a finance agreement written up, I applied with Santander but it has home straight to the underwriters to look into my application, should it fail I have somebody that could guarantor for me with an excellent credit score as he has 2 HP contracts and he earns £38k+ annual salary, what are my chances with the underwriters would you say?Thanks

Posted by Matt D on

Hi, I have a poor credit score and planning to get a car by finance. There is a friend willing to guarantor me but they do not live at the same address however they have a much better credit scoring. I'm earning £1200/month basic pay plus another £500 per month extra (minimum/month). But every time i receive my wages it will pay off my £1000 overdraft. Is there any chance for me to be granted with the guarantor?And if I've been granted by the finance can i put down my name as registered keeper/owner?

Posted by Charlie on

Hi Amy, firstly sorry to hear about your past - i hope things are getting better for you. As your Mum & Dad don't have driving licences have they tried obtaining a personal loan from their bank to help buy a car for you? That way they wouldn't need a driving licence and you could use the money to go and buy a car from a local dealer. If this isn't an option we'll try our best to get you approved with your Dad as a guarantor. All you need to do is make a joint application on our website. Are you in employment and are you on the electoral roll? Kind Regards, Edwin

Dear Edwin Miles, I would like to ask you a question about car finance. I had a domestic violence relationship and my ex made me lose everything i had to declare myself bankrupt. I have some money saved up for a car but not enough. My mum and dad want to help by getting one on finance for me but they do not hold driving licences. Is there anyway we could get finance through a car lender if my dad was a guarantor for me? I look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks.

Posted by Guest on

Hi Janette, your Mum would be approved as she has a clean credit record from what you have said which is great news. Where have you applied for finance? Would you be interested to see if we could get you a better rate? Kind Regards, Edwin

I have just been rejected for car finance but they said if i got a guarantor it would go through. I have asked my mum but she has credit cards, a mortgage and a loan that she never misses payments on. Would she be approved?

Posted by Janette on

Hi Chloe, if you have a really good credit history we may be able to get you approved on your own. Is this the case? If not, as you're unemployed i would just ask your guarantor to finance the car for you. Is that possible? Regards, Edwin

Hi, i'm 19 and currently unemployed. However i get £800 a month due too being a mother and am getting money for me and my son, but i need a car too get him about and finance is the only way i can afford one! Would i be able to get finance with being unemployed but having a regular income with a guarantor with a good credit score?

Posted by Chloe on

Hi Garry, who has the better income out of yourself and your wife? Also who has the better credit record? If you have the better credit record and earn more income each month then you should apply with your father in law is guarantor rather than your wife. If the opposite is true then your wife should apply with her father as guarantor. Kind Regards, Edwin

Hello there - Me and the Mrs have a bit of a problem with our credit rating. Mine was due to being self employed for a bit and hers was due to being made redundant after maternity. Anyway, we are finding it impossible to get any kind of credit, as I'm sure you're aware. My father in law did say he'd agree to be a guarantor if it's possible. We're looking to swap my Civic (06 plate) for a 1yr old Chrysler Delta, for economy/space reasons and the car we're wanting is around £13.5k. We both earn good money (total income is over £1700/month after tax) and my father in law has an impeccable credit record but he won't do personal finance. What do you think we can do? Thanks.

Posted by Garry M on

Hi Lucy, you're in luck. With the new distance documents regulations this is possible. The finance agreement can be emailed, faxed or posted to your Mum to sign and then sent back for your Dad to sign :-)

Hi, my parents are divorced. My Dad is getting the credit for my first car but needs a guarantor, my Mum said she'll do it but they aren't willing to see each other. So my question is when it comes to signing etc is there anyway to do it so that both don't have to be present? Thank you

Posted by Lucy on

Hi Matt, as long as you've been building up your credit recently i don't see why not. Please apply when you get 5 minutes and use your Mum as a guarantor. Edwin

Hi Edwin, I am 27 years old and my current finance is in my mothers name due to me having bad credit. Can i get my own finance and use her as a guarantor so i can build my credit up?

Posted by Matt on

Hi Ben, as long as you work over 25 hours per week and can prove your income we could potentially help you. Your Gran will just need a copy of her driving licence :-)

Hi, I am 19 and in permanant part time employment with my gran as guarantor. What are my chances for car finance and what does a guarantor need to have?

Posted by Ben Rush on

Hi Phil, sorry for the late reply. When you say you have bad credit can you elaborate a little more? We'd love to help and we do have lenders that can help people with bad credit but it all depends upon how bad it actually is. £40,000 a year is a very good wage so that'll certainly help matters. Would you have a cash deposit or part ex to place into the deal. Also a guarantor would help if they have better credit than yourself. I hope your son is doing well. Edwin

Hi Stuart, i can see that you're frustrated but it's highly unlikely you'd get any sort of compensation from the dealer. I can see it from both sides of the fence to be honest but the salesman shouldn't have said you were 100% approved until he had seen the proofs you bought in for him / her. Have you applied online yet? If not, we can try and get your girlfriend approved without a guarantor. Regards, Edwin

I have bad credit due to having to quit my job to look after my disabled son several years ago. I am now working and earn £45000 per year. Can I get car finance with a guarantor?

Posted by Phill Ashcroft on

Hi there, we were told by a salesman last night that the finance had been approved 100% on the car we were wanting to buy. My girlfriend was using her Mum as the guarantor. Today we took all the documents in as they requested - bank statements, bills, passports and whatever else was needed. He told us we should be able to get the car tomorrow or next day. Then suddenly he phones us and says sorry, but the guarantor needs a driving license. She does not have one at all. We have wasted 4-5 days of our time and feel humiliated and let-down by the salesman. Is he in the wrong to tell me last night the finance was approved 100% and should i complain and ask to be compensated for our time wasted?

Posted by Stuart on

Hi Paul, as long as you have a good credit history we should be able to get you approved even though you're a student and the guarantor shouldn't matter. Are you on the electoral roll at your current address and is this where all your credit is recorded? Kind Regards, Edwin

Hi, is it possible to get finance as a student without a guarantor? I should have a good credit score as i have numerous credit accounts which get paid on time every month. Please advise!

Posted by Paul on

Hi Aaron, £900 is the minimum if i'm honest. Do you earn above that? However, if you have a really good credit score you don't need to prove your income so you'll be fine. Do you have many active credit accounts currently? Edwin

Hi, i was wondering if there was a minimum requirement to how much i would need to be earning to get finance? I'm 19 and i will have my grandmother as a guarantor.

Posted by Aaron on

Hi Lucas, if your wife's family member has good credit then they won't be asked for proof of income. Please apply and we'll try our best to help and get you into a new car asap. Regards, Edwin

Thanks for the reply. The situation would be my wife who has poor credit using a family member to be a guarantor. This family member has a very good credit rating but may struggle to prove sufficiant income due to the nature of her work. How would this be viewed? Regards, Lucas

Posted by Lucas on

Hi Lucas, you are correct when you say that some car finance lenders will need to see proof of income and others won't. If you and your guarantor have good credit then no proof of income will be required. If you both have fair/poor credit then the lender will need to see proof of income. Kind Regards, Edwin

Hi Edwin, Can you please clarify the position regarding the guarantor being required to prove income? Your responses to the above two posts are contradictory. Reading between the lines though, are you implying that some lenders will and others will not? Regards, Lucas

Posted by Lucas on

Hi Antony, if you have an excellent credit rating we'll be able to get you approved for finance even though you have no employment history and you are a carer. Please apply. Kind Regards, Edwin

Hi, I'm a carer for a family member who is disabled so have no employment as such. My credit file/rating is excellent and i have existing credit. What would be my chances of securing finance for a vehicle with you?

Posted by Antony Danns on

Hi Moni, this could be possible depending upon what lender we get you approved with. It'd be a question to the finance company after the deal is complete if i'm honest. It is possible though. Edwin

Hi, i'm just wondering if my dad is a guarantor is it possible he only stays on loan for first 6 months?

Posted by Moni Smith on

Hi Justin, the guarantor just has to have a good credit history and be able to prove their income if required. They don't have to have a licence as the car would be for you and they don't need to own their home. Regards, Edwin

Hi Jonathan, if you have an extremely good credit profile (all payments up to date & you're on the electoral roll) there is a chance that we can get you passed for finance on your own. Do you have much credit in your name currently or is this the first time you've applied for any type of finance? If it is the first time we may struggle to get you approved as you have no track record. However, if you have a few credit accounts that are A1 then we should be able to get you approved on your own. If what i've said isn't a reality then adding a guarantor will certainly help your chances of being approved. Lastly, do you have any deposit to place into the deal? Kind Regards, Edwin

Does the guarantor have to hold a driving licence? Or own there own home, be in full time employment etc or just have a good credit history?

Posted by Justin Parry on

Hi, i'm currently 19 years old, i'm fully employed with a good job that pays me well but due to my age and having too many credit searches i'm being asked for a guarantor when i try get car finance. Unfortunately there is no one i can use! can you help?

Posted by Jonathan Wark on

Hi Martin, apologies for the delayed response. If you're only acting as a guarantor the lenders won't ask for proof of income from you. However, please be warned taht if your friend doesn't keep up with his payments your credit history will be damaged and the lender could come after you for the outstanding debt. Regards, Edwin

Hello Edwin, I have an old work friend and he is trying to get car finance but can't because he defaulted on a couple of loans and still has not paid them back. He is asking me to stand as his loan guarantor, my credit rating is very good but I have been out of work over the past years, I have started a new job now but only in the past fortnight.My question is, will I be asked for proof of income as I don't have much savings left and can my credit rating be damaged by linking myself to his?

Posted by Martin Iley on

Hi Jade, if you have good credit we should be able to help as long as you have a full UK driving licence and can prove your income. A guarantor would help but is not a necessity. Please apply and we'll see what we can do. Thanks, Edwin

Hi Dean, if your credit rating isn't great we could still potentially help you get a car loan as we have many lenders who help those with a poor credit history. It would however, strengthen your application if your Dad acted as a guarantor and lenders also look favourably on those with a deposit. Do you have a deposit and how much are you looking to borrow? To give you a definitive answer i'd need to see your credit profile but you'd have to make an application. How bad is your credit? Could you elaborate a little? Your earnings are very good so that will go down well. Kind Regards, Edwin

I'm 19 years old, full time employed, have a good credit score according to experian, yet I've been declined for car finance. Is it due to my age? Will I need a guarantor?

Posted by Jade on

Hi, I really need a half decent car for which I need finance. Trouble is my credit file is quite poor. I have a couple of defaults on there from a couple of years ago when I was training to become a pilot and had no money spare. My earnings now are quite high, I take home approx £3500/mth, however I pay out £800 per month in training loans. I know I can easily afford the repayments, but I can't even get a high rate credit card never mind car finance. I do however have my dad as a guarantor, he has a perfect credit rating, but would it be worthwhile applying for finance?

Posted by Dean Wright on

Hi Michael, yes - you can certainly apply and put your Dad on as a 2nd applicant/guarantor. It will definitely strengthen your chances of being approved. As you have bad credit the rates will be higher than those seen on the high street but i guess you'll already know that. Please apply and i'll look out for the application. Kind Regards, Edwin

Hi Sheena, Apologies for the delayed response. If your guarantor is over 70 it really all depends upon what finance company you get accepted with as some lenders accept customers over 70 and others don't. Have you made an application yet? Thanks, Edwin

Hi Melissa, sorry for the late reply. No, if your grandmother is just a guarantor she doesn't have to have a driving licence. Thank you, Edwin

Hi, I'm looking to get a car on finance but have got in a bit of a tangle with my finances over the past year, I have now sorted myself out I earn £1200 per month basic plus bonus and my job is full time permanent, but I now live with my mother so would only have the likes of a bank statement for proof of address. My credit rating is very poor but my father is happy to act as a guarantor for me as he can see how I have sorted my finances now. Would I be eligble to apply?

Posted by Michael on

I have a poor credit rating and a guarantor but he is over 70. Is that a problem?

Posted by Sheena Mcculloch on

Hi, I've got my grandmother as a guarantor and i'm waiting for a call back to see if its all gone through. i was asked if my grandmother had a drivers license, do they have to have one?

Posted by Melissa H on

Hi Denise, no you do not have to have a guarantor to apply for car finance with us? How is your credit profile? Have you been declined elsewhere? Edwin

Do you have to have a guarantor to apply?

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Hi Amy, how is your credit profile and how old are you? We have many lenders on our panel so we may be able to help you but you need to match certain criteria such as: you need a full UK driving licence, you need to earn over £900 p/month, you need to have a £100 minimum deposit and you must be able to provide a proof of address by way of a council tax bill or utility bill. How much are you looking to borrow? Kind Regards, Edwin

Hi Amanda, if you have a good credit record you should be able to take out a 2nd HP agreement without a guarantor. However, depending upon your monthly income some lenders may think that you're over committing and may ask that the current agreement is settled first. Obviously that isn't an option. Have you tried obtaining a personal loan? Kind Regards, Edwin

Hi, I am looking to get car finance and I've been told I need a guarantor, the only problem is I don't have anyone who could do it for me,is there anyway of gettin finance on my own?

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Hi, i have my car on hp which i took out just 6 months ago, however my partner needs a car but has a poor credit score so would i be able to take out a 2nd hp agreement and so soon after getting my own?

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Hi Rebecca, you could use your Mum as a guarantor (as long as you have her permission) and that would improve your chances of getting approved greatly. You have decent earnings which is good but when you mention you have bad credit you just mention your overdraft at your bank. Have you any other form of credit (personal loan, credit card, store card etc)? If so, are they paid on time every month? How old are you and how much are you looking to borrow? Do you have a deposit also? Kind Regards, Edwin

I am looking to get a car on finance but I don't have very good credit at all. I earn around 1,157 each month and my job is full time and permanent but I have an overdraft so each month when i get paid it just looks like I am paying that off and using it again. My mum has an excellent credit history and I am wondering if i could apply with her as my guarantor?

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Hi Donna, you've come to the right place. Please make an application with you as the first applicant and your mother as the guarantor. Please make sure you have her permission obviously before applying as we'll need to carry out a credit search. Thanks, Edwin

I am looking to purchase a new car. My credit rating is poor but i have my mother willing to guarantee any finance. I earn a good wage and have been paying money consistently on a car for the last five years and have never missed a payment. What are my chances of approval? regards, Donna,

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Hi Laura, a good question. In a word the answer is No. A guarantor can live at a seperate address from you but you will obviously need their consent to place them on the application as we will need to credit score them along with yourself. I hope that answers your question. Edwin

Hi, i need to get a guarantor for car finance, does the guarantor need to be living at the same address/? Do they get credit checks too?

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