How Do I Get a Settlement figure on my car?

Hi there, I phoned VW for an early settlement figure on my car. VW have given me a valid date for the quote, but it says in the letter I have that it will change after the valid date is up.

As I just wanted a rough idea and am not looking to change my car until the end of the year, when they say change, will the figure become more or less expensive? I hope you understand my question, thanks.

Hi Amy, i understand completely.

Your settlement figure will become less after the current date stated on your statement as you would have made more monthly payments (as long as you keep paying on time) by the time you next request a settlement figure :-)

All you'll need to do is ring your finance company and request a new settlement figure on the required date. The finance company should then email / post a letter out to you. This information can then be passed onto a car dealership who is taking the car in part-exchange. They will be the ones who need to settle the agreement if you choose to take this route.

Then again some people come into cash windfalls and can just settle the finance by transferring the funds directly to the lender.

Just for your reference, when getting a new finance agreement for a new car, we can beat dealer rates as we deal with the likes of Barclays, Santander & Hitachi so please make an application and once accepted we provide a no obligation quote and you can buy a car from any dealer. Kind Regards, Edwin

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Hi Jennifer,

To get a settlement figure from Moneybarn you'd have to call them on 0845 50 50 193. Kind Regards, Edwin

Hello there, I am looking for a settlement figure on my finance. I borrowed £5700 and have paid 8 months back at £219.

I am looking to see how i would get a settlement figure from Moneybarn?

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