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Hi, I'm looking to get finance on a motorbike! Do you offer this and if so what rates and deals can you do?

Hi Daniel, thank you for your question.

We do indeed provide motorbike finance to people with good, fair and bad credit histories.

As we deal with high street names such as Barclays, Santander & Hitachi we really can offer some market leading rates and deals from 5.6%. Also, a deposit isn't always mandatory when applying for motorbike finance.

The rate that you get offered though will solely depend upon your credit score and who we can get you accepted with. Obviously, the worse your credit history the higher the rate will be as you're seen as a higher risk. In terms of what we need from you it's quite simple. A copy of your licence and possibly proof of income (payslips or bank stats) and a proof of address.

Please make an application and once approved we provide a no obligation quote and you can buy a motorbike from any dealer in the UK. Kind Regards, Edwin

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Hi Daniel, we'll be able to get you approved for motorbike finance as you have had a clean agreement with Close Motor Finance recently. Please apply when you can. Edwin

Hello,I just want to know if I will be approved for finance on a motorbike? I have just paid one off in my partner name with close motor finance but have tried for other bike in her name and there have decline it need other motorbike asap to get to work. Previous was £5000 over 2 years not one payment missed don't understand why close motor finance said no.

Posted by Daniel Torres on

Hi again Andy, Well that is all good news and I am confident that we will be able to get you approved with the appropriate finance company. Once you have made an application send me your reference number and I will get straight on it! Thanks, Edwin

I have no CCJs or defaults in the past six years, mortgage has been running for 8 years, no arrears on any debts but had a few missed payments last year and was looking for £6000

Posted by Andy on

Hi Andy, Well financing a motorbike is definitely something we can do. However whether we can get you approved will depend on your credit profile. How is your credit? If it isn't perfect then don't worry, this lender can help people who have previously experienced credit issues. The lender we would be looking to get you approved with have a minimum lend of 2k and will lend up to 10k. However they will set the maximum they will be willing to lend based on your credit profile. Please make an application so we can try our best to help. Thanks, Edwin

Hi Edwin, I have an experian credit score of 779, how much finance could I get approved for a purchase of a motorbike?

Posted by Andy on

Hi John, we should be able to help you out as you work and have an average credit rating. The deposit will certainly help too. Please apply and provide me with your reference number after you have done so. Thank you :-)

I want to finance a motorcycle, with a deposit of £500 for a total of £1600. Will a larger deposit be likely to sway a positive outcome on the lenders? I work full time, i have student income too. I have an average credit rating and have had bad spending habits with a credit card in past, however has always been paid off.

Posted by John on

Hi Steve, thank you for your question and apologies for the delayed reply. All you need to do is apply for a loan through our website and hopefully we'll get you approved. If and when you get approved you'll get a call from a sales advisor to go through some extra information. At this point if you tell the advisor that you've already found a motorbike at a local dealer he/she will pass you through to our brokering department where we'll get the deal funded for you. All we need is the supplying dealers details as we need them to complete a short form and that's it. The finance company we get you approved with will send the funds to the dealer and all you have to do is collect the motorbike and start making your monthly payments :-) Nice & easy!

Hello, I have seen a motorbike i'm intrested in and wondered if you can get finance on a motorbike not a car? If so how would this work? Would i just tell you where i have seen the motorbike or does it have to be a company you deal with? Kind Regards, Steve

Posted by Steve on

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