Do you accept DLA as Guaranteed Income for Car Finance?

Hi, do you accept benefits such as dla as a guaranteed income for car finance?

Hi Michelle, thank you for your question.

Yes - we do have lenders on our panel that take into account DLA benefits as a form of income. Is your income purely from benefits or do you work part time too?

Please make an application and once approved we provide a no obligation quote and you can buy a car from any dealer in the UK. Kind Regards, Edwin

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Hi Stuart, this may well be possible as you have a fair credit rating. Please apply and we'll try our best to get you approved. Let me know your reference number after you have applied. Kind Regards, Edwin

Hi, i'm on dla and esa and have a fair credit rating. Can i have a car on finance?

Posted by Stuart on

i am unemployed an would like to get a car on finance do you have a scheme for people claiming disability living allowance?

Posted by Francisco Da Silva on

Hi james, we'd love to be able to help. What i need to establish though is whether you have a good, fair or poor credit history. Can you let me know so that i can advise you further? Thanks, Edwin

I have an income which is made up of 2 army pensions totalling £600 pm, long term dla and incapacity benefit totalling a further £730 pm and i also have child tax credits, child benefit and csa totalling a further £700 pm which gives me a monthly income of £2030. Can you help me with car finance?

Posted by James M on

Hi Kazablanca, if you have a good credit history then we'll be able to help however, if you have a fair/poor credit history then we won't be able to get you approved unfortunately. Do you have good credit? Edwin

I am unemployed due to a disability. I am in receipt of DLA and other benefits. Would i still be able to apply for car credit?

Posted by Kazablanca Williams on

Hi Thomas, if you have a good credit record then we will be able to help you as long as you have a full UK licence. Regards, Edwin

Hi, I am not working and am on "DLA". Is there anyone out who will give me a loan to get a car?

Posted by Thomas on

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