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Hi Edwin, i'm after a new car on finance. But my question to you is do you provide free insurance? Thanks

Hi Eddie, thanks for using the Q&A. Yes we do offer Free 7 day drive away insurance through Aviva (formerly Norwich Union). Are you struggling to find a competitive insurance quote? If so, we could help you out. What car are you looking at and how much are you spending? We tend to find the free drive away car insurance works great for our customers. Kind Regards, Edwin

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Hi Jon, we'd be able to provide you with 7 day free insurance only. After that you'd have to sort out your own car insurance. Kind Regards, Edwin

Hi, i'm 17 and was wondering if i was to buy a car on finance would insurance be free? Some car dealers dont specify this! Thanks.

Posted by Jon M on

Hi Tony, we can certainly help you find a competitive car insurance quote online. To be honest we'd just search all of the price comparison websites to find you the best deal, so you could do that yourself. We don't have an insurance brokerage but we can offer you 7 days free car insurance through Aviva if you purchase a car from us which sometimes helps people out a little. Kind Regards, Edwin

Do we have to find our own insurance or can you provide any help with this (i.e do you have your own insurance broker)?

Posted by Tony on

Hi Ellie, this is potentially possible but only if you have clean credit as all sub prime lenders need to see proof of income. If you do get approved with one of our prime lenders we can offer great rates and 7 days free car insurance on the cars that we provide. KInd Regards, Edwin

I'm 19 and am a college student! I have no guarantor and need to purchase a car on finance or hp is this possible?

Posted by Ellie on

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