Can you get finance while not on the electoral roll?

Hello, i have very recently just moved address and i'm not currently on the electoral register at my current address.

I also have a feeling that i'm still on the electoral register at my old address. Can i still get approved for a car loan?

Hi Graham, yes you'll still be able to get car finance even though you're not currently on the electoral roll at your new address.

Please put in the last 3 years address history on the car finance application form and we'll notify the lenders of why you're not on the register at your current address.

As long as there's a clear explanation the lenders will be fine. How is your credit history and have you applied anywhere for car finance yet? Please make an application and once approved you can choose a car from any reputable dealer and we also provide a no obligation quote. Kind Regards, Edwin

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Hi Tobi, it helps being on the electoral register but it's not the end of the road if you're not. Please apply when you can as i'm confident we can help. Regards, Edwin

Hi Edwin, i recently used experian to check my credit rating, it's coming home at a value of 995 out of 999, with the only negative being i'm not currently registered on the electoral role. I went travelling for a year and i've been back for 12 months, i assume my roll re-registry has been lost on the mail, any way ive just realised, and registered. but have ben told it will not take effect until the 2nd of january, i was very much hoping to be driving around in a new car by then! is it possible i may be able to get a loan with such a good credit history, but not being on the electoral register?Many Thanks

Posted by Tobi on

Hi Spencer, as you have such a large deposit we should be able to get you approved once you've been added to the electoral roll. Please apply after you've had confirmation your name has been added and we'll go from there. Kind Regards, Edwin

I have a credit score of 718 on experian. I have 1 negative factor of (no successfully settled non-mail order accounts) but that's probably because I've only had my bank account and my mobile contract for just over a month now. My name will be added to the electoral roll at my address as of 3rd December so i'm sure that will increase my credit score. I want to finance a car of a value of £12-£15k , with a deposit of £6000- £7500. What are my chances after my name name is added to the electoral role?

Posted by Spencer on

Hi Kerry, as you're just updating your name it won't improve your credit score and don't worry about waiting to apply as we'll be able to see your address history when we do a credit search. Please apply when you're ready and let me know your reference number. Have a good weekend. Edwin

My credit score is 834 and says fair. The electoral register has been updated since i changed my name in March even though the experian report hasn't received the change. Will it go up once they have amended it and should i wait before getting a loan?

Posted by Kerry on

Hi Stevie, with a fair credit score and a £1000 deposit we should be able to get you approved for car finance. It would help if you were on the voters roll but we can try now if you wish. Please apply when you feel ready. Kind Regards, Edwin

Hi, i was going to try and get car finance but my Equifax credit score is fair 396 going on good. I'm not on the electoral roll though i would have a deposit of about £1000. Do you think i would get it?

Posted by Stevie Bridges on

Hi Daniel, yes - we'll be able to get you approved even though you're not on the electoral roll at your current address yet. As you have such a good credit score we'll be able to get you a good rate too. Please apply when you can. Edwin

Hi there, my credit score on experian is 983 and i am currently working full time. I have just recently moved to my address 3 months ago and i am not on the electoral role. Do i stand any chance of getting car finance? Thanks

Posted by Daniel on

Hi James, thank you for your question. With you earning such a large wage i wouldn't be too concerned about your electoral roll history as you do have some for lenders to investigate. Your credit scores seem average too so depending upon how much finance you need we should be able to help.

Hi, Experian and Equifax show my electoral roll data from my previous 2 addresses, but not my current one. My borough are doing a canvas and won't update the credit reference agencies until October. I have submitted my canvas form, requested and received a letter from the borough stating my registration at my new address. I've sent that letter to Experian and Equifax which should be processed within a month. I'm unsure whether that letter will get them to update the electoral roll details they hold, or simply put a note on file. Either way what are my chances? I have an Experian score of 845 and Equifax score of 524 and I am at a full time job earning £70k per annum.

Posted by James on

Hi, I'm trying to get a car on finance but the finance company i'm trying to get passed with are saying my credit rating is excellent but as there is a gap in my electorial role history it is causing problems with the deal going through. Can you help?

Posted by Craig on

Hi Michael, not being on the electoral roll could well be causing you an issue or it could potentially be the amount you're applying for. How much finance do you need? If you have a good credit history (which from what you have said you do) we will be able to get you approved for car finance. I would advise to get yourself on the electoral roll before applying though just to make 100% certain. Is all your active credit (cards and mobile phones) registered to your current address? Where did you get declined? Kind Regards, Edwin

I'm not registered on the electoral roll and have been declined car finance recently, although I have 2 contract phones and 2 credit cards of which I have never missed a payment on in the past 6 months. I can't seem to think where any bad credit has come from although up until recently I have not really had any. Is it imperative I am on the electoral roll before continuing to apply for credit even though anything I have applied for in the last 12 months has not been declined up till recently?

Posted by Michael on

Hi Dilpreet, different lenders will either use Equifax or Experian to carry out credit checks. We currently use Equifax however, we can still help you no matter whether you're on the electoral roll or not. Please make an application and we'll try and get you passed for credit asap. As long as you have a UK driving licence, can provide a proof of address & proof of income then we should be ok. The last thing i'd like to ask though is about your credit history. Is it in a good, fair or bad shape? Regards, Edwin

Hi Edwin, In Feb 2012 i was declined for a car loan and the underlying reason given by the credit companies was "my name was not on electoral roll". After that i have now been registered on electoral roll. On 02-Apr-2012 my council confirmed that i am on the roll. However, three major credit companies don't have my records updated. Can I apply for car loan as i urgently need it? What are the chances or ways to get it approved knowing that I am registered on council electoral roll. Thanks.

Posted by Dilpreet on

Hi Nikitta, if you have good credit you don't need to get your sister to act as a guarantor. Please make an application as we do help people who aren't on the voters/electoral roll. Do you have a full UK driving licence and can you prove your income with payslips? Lastly, do you have a deposit or part exchange? Regards, Edwin

Hi there, I have been a resident of the UK since 2010 and i'm looking to get car finance. I have applied to get on the electoral role but I won't be on it until May. I have a letter to state this from my local council. My credit rating is good but as I have not been here that long and not on the electoral roll nobody wants to give me credit. I have my sister who is here 6 years and a home owner who is willing to go guarantor, would this make a difference? A car is a necessity for me over here as I am a mature student and I also work full time, therefore need to get around, can you help me?Many thanks

Posted by Nikitta on

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