Taxi Driver Car Finance - Please help!

I am a taxi driver and i now just do school contracts until recently. I need a new car of which i have to register with the council to do these contracts.

I do about 15,000 miles a year and can afford £230 per month. I would appreciate your help. Thank you

Hello and thank you for your question. The good news is that we can help you obtain taxi car finance as we have a few lenders that accept taxi drivers so, hopefully we can get you approved. How is your credit history and do you have a deposit or part exchange to put into the deal?

Once approved you can choose a car from any dealer nationwide and we provide a no obligation quote. Please apply when you're ready. Kind Regards, Edwin

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Hi Hamilton, thank you for your question and apologies for the delayed response.

The good news is that we do have lenders on our panel that help people in IVA's get finance. As you're a taxi driver we'll need to see 3 months bank statements proving your income. As long as this isn't an issue we should be fine. The deposit in your part ex will also help.

Please make an application and once approved you can choose a car from any dealer and we also provide a no obligation quote. Kind Regards, Edwin

Hi, my question is, I'm two and a half years into an IVA and i'm in the last month of a £360 per month car hire purchase agreement which was kept up for 48 months.

I need to upgrade my car as it is used as a taxi. It is still in good condition and can be used as a deposit. If i don't upgrade that money will have to be paid to the IVA on top of my monthly payment each month so it is in my interest to have another loan for a car as it is deemed necessary for my work.

There is no point contacting Black Horse, my recent lender, as i'm sure they wont offer me another loan for a car with the IVA even though this one is now paid off. Can you help? FYI - I live in Belfast

Posted by Hamilton Douglas Mcc on

Hello, I am just training to be a private hire driver whilst still working employed full time. I am a local council tenant with a poor credit history, looking for a 2 year old or less Vauxhall Insignia with low miles. I also have a £1000 deposit. Could you help?

Posted by Tony Brown on

Hi Robert, thank you for your question.

We can help taxi drivers with bad credit get car finance. There's no guarantee of an approval but as long as you can prove your income, have a small deposit and have some current clean credit we should be fine.

Please apply and if approved we provide a no obligation quote and you can buy a car from any dealer. Kind Regards, Edwin

Hi, I'm a taxi driver looking for finance for a new cab but, i have a bad credit score. Can you help me?

Posted by Robert Krol on

Hi Chris, thank you for your question.

The good news is that we do have lenders on our panel that help ex-bankrupts get car finance. As long as you can prove 3 months income with bank statements we should be able to get you approved.

How much do you need and would you have a deposit (cash or part-ex)? Once approved we provide a no obligation quote and you can buy a car from any dealer in the UK. Please make an application when you have a minute. Regards, Edwin

Hi there,

I have been a private hire taxi driver for 15 years but unfortunately my credit score isn't great and I was bankrupt in 2010. This finished in 2011 however i know it stays on your file for a few years.

Could you possibly help me with obtaining finance as a some new legislation has come out and i need a MPV that is 3 years old or less. I would like a Ssangyong Rodius or a Chrysler Grand Voyager. Many thanks, Chris

Posted by Christopher Williams on

Hi Derek, apologies for the delayed response. You do seem to have a good sized monthly budget and we do have lenders on our panel that help taxi drivers with a less than perfect credit history. Please apply when you feel ready. Once approved you can buy any car and we provide a no obligation quote. Edwin

Hello, i'm a taxi driver and need an upgrade. I can afford up to £350 month, but my credit history isn't brilliant. Can you help?

Posted by Derek Dicken on

Hi Asif, we do have lenders that approve private hire drivers so please make an application online and we'll go from there. Thank you. Edwin

Hi, i am a private hire taxi driver and looking for a decent car. But the problem is my credit history . However, i don't have any ccj's or bankruptcy. I can afford £200 to £250 p/m. Can help me out plz give me a call. Thanks

Posted by Asif on

Hi Angela, as your husband has good credit we'll be able to get him approved for a new car and he won't have to prove his income so don't worry about that. Please apply when you get 5 minutes and supply me with the reference number :-)

My husband is a self employed taxi driver and he has 6 years accounts. He has excellent credit but been a taxi driver only has docket money is paid into the bank so statements are not much use. Could he get finance for a car through yourselves?

Posted by Angela on

Hi Derek, if your wife has good credit we can get her approved for car finance and all we'd need is her driving licence to fund the deal. What you have asked in your question is not what the finance companies want to hear but yes it is possible to hand your car back when you're 50% of the way through your agreement (it's called voluntary termination). However, to qualify you need to have made all your monthly payments on time each month. Regarding your last point i'm not sure whether this is possible to have 2 cars on finance. It's highly unlikely anyway. Regards, Edwin

I have heard that it is possible to buy a new car on a hire purchase in my wife's name and to be driven by me as a taxi with a deposit as low as £250 (admin fee). Once half the sum borrowed has been repaid i can then return the car to the finance company and purchase a new car by the same method. I've also heard it's possible to have a small period of time in which you can have both cars so that the old one can still be used for work whilst the new one is being prepared as a taxi which can take 4 weeks. Could you please confrim if this is the case?

Posted by Derek on

Hi, Would i be able to get my new car locally? I am in the cardiff area and which company would it be?

Posted by R.Bedwell on

Hello, we supply the car and the finance as a business but it wouldn't be an issue to get a Citroen Grand Picasso once we get you approved for car finance. The £2500 deposit is fantastic as lenders often give better rates to those with larger deposits. Edwin

Thank you for your reply, i have a part ex valued at £2500 the car i want is a citroen grand picasso exclusive under 4 years old with lowish mileage. Can i purchase the car at my local dealer? My credit is average have had 2 cars on hp without any problems in the past.

Posted by R Bedwell on

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