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The Goodwood Festival of Speed Experience

Goodwood Festival of Speed (FOS) 2018 has been and gone for another year. We at CarFinance 247 attended the self-proclaimed “Largest motoring garden party in the world” which hosts a four-day marathon of pure automotive enjoyment.

James Foxall
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If you have not attended the Goodwood Festival of speed before, follow our story as we take you through the 2018 festivities so you can experience the “Largest motoring garden party” for yourself.

About Goodwood Festival of Speed 2018

It has been 25 years since the first Festival, in June 1993. Therefore, this year we had the fortune of being able to celebrate the event's 25th anniversary.

"Festival of Speed - The Silver Jubilee".

If you have not attended a Goodwood Festival of speed before, follow our story as we take you through the 2018 festivities so you can experience the 'Largest motoring garden party' for yourself.

Arriving at Goodwood

Arriving at the event was like stepping through the looking glass. A different world full of beautiful or powerful cars amongst a sea of motor admirers.

The car park area provided festivalgoers with acres of fields to host the abundance of motor enthusiasts and their cars. Transport from the parking area came in the form of a tractor! A ride from the parking area to entrances and other key areas of the festival.

A highlight of the weekend-long event came in the car parking area. This is because an attendee of the festival had parked in the wrong place, leading to this Bentley Special parking beside us in the casual parking area.

Entering Goodwood

The entrance of the Goodwood Festival assaulted the senses instantly upon arrival. Sounds of roaring engines and the smell of hot tarmac and burnt rubber filling the atmosphere. Our entrance gate lead us to the FOS Air section of the enormously sized festival. As the name would suggest, FOS Air is the aviation section of the event.

image of fos air at air show

Placed beside FOS Air was the starting point for the Famous Goodwood Hillclimb, which stretches to 1.86 km (1.16 mi) and hosted countless cars originating from across multiple sports and points of recent history.

One of the highlights of the Hillclimb has to be the jetpack!



Goodwood FOS has a grandness in its size, scope, and presentation so unique that the event should be an immediate addition to the bucket list or calendar of any car enthusiast.

Peppered sporadically around the Hillclimb were multiple stages hosting major car manufacturers such as Porsche and Ford.

Ford stage Goodwood Festival of Speed 2018

image of cars on a stage at a rally event

Miles away on the opposite side of the event lied the other main attraction of FOS, the Rally stage. The rally section played host to U27 ERC Rally champion and CarFinance 247 sponsor Chris Ingram. 

Chris Ingram CarFinance 247 Goodwood Festival Of Speed

Whilst at FOS, Chris Ingram offered the opportunity for fans to experience a lap around the rally stage as a co-driver! Assisting Chris (or just a lot of screaming) in his Matt Black Skoda Fabia R5.

Article: How Chris Ingrams Fabia R5 is created


To conclude, our lucky competition winners and we at CarFinance 247 had an incredible experience at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. We will definitely be aiming to attend Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019!

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