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“Vorsprung durch Technik” – it might be one of the few German phrases recognised by just about everyone. For very good reason, too. The literal translation is “leading through technology” which pretty well sums up Audi’s approach to the business of manufacturing cars that meet the very latest automotive technologies – and ones that look good too.

So, here is a little about the marque’s history, together with reviews of just a few models, just to whet your appetite!

Audi was founded by August Horsch 1899 in Cologne, Germany, and the first car to bear the name was the imaginatively named Type B10/28PS in 1910. By Edwardian standards, though, the prototype was actually quite sporty and the company was soon producing cars in the hundreds. Two world wars and an awful lot of name-changing and corporate turmoil later, Audi stands as one of the greatest car marques of all time.

Fuel Economy

Audi is not a brand that is as concerned with eco-friendliness as some of its contemporaries, although that does not mean that it is not making headway when it comes to improving fuel economy. Fuel-saving technologies, such as start-stop engines that do not waste petrol when you are at a standstill, are widely available in modern models. The TDI-powered Audis are also well respected and sought-after thanks to the better mileage that can be squeezed out of a single tank of fuel.

Servicing Your Audi

Audi offers a range of fixed price servicing packages at its main dealerships, so it might be worth checking these options if you are an Audi owner. A major service for one of its standard models can cost just £309, while minor annual services are just £159. This is competitive pricing for a premium German brand, although offers may vary over time and you should check carefully to ensure that you are getting the best deal.

Audi A3

There are nine basic models to choose from, but with the option of building your own A3 to suit your particular tastes and requirements. Just as you might expect from an Audi, the A3 distinguishes itself with:

  • excellent handling;
  • attractive good looks; and
  • a luxurious interior.

A new Audi A3 costs from as little as £18,280 and could be yours for as little as £413.19 over 48 months based on you having an excellent credit score and providing a £500 deposit.

Audi A4

With six basic models and body-types to choose from, Audi also invites you to build your own A4 saloon.

Those lucky enough to have sat behind the wheel of an A4 praise its:

  • impressive ride and road handling;
  • the wide range of power units available;
  • emissions friendly engines;
  • capacious boot; and
  • spacious and well-appointed interior.

If you have a good credit history you could buy a new A4 Saloon for as little as £24,385 or £488.77 over 60 months, with a £1,000 deposit.

Audi TT

Believe it or not the iconic Audi TT is into its third generation, yet is still as eye-catching and trend-setting as ever, thanks to the tweaking of the original model and the reinterpretation of its winning design features.

So what do they say about today’s Audi TT? Those who have taken the latest Audi TT for a test drive report that it successfully matches all the prize-winning features of the original incarnation, namely:

  • a faultlessly designed and built, speedy coupe;
  • sure-footed response to the driver’s every move;
  • smooth and dependable acceleration;
  • comfortable and well-appointed interior;

All in all, a real driver’s car that comes up to the manufacturer’s promise that the model has been re-engineered, redesigned and ultimately reborn.

Prices for a new Audi TT start at £29,770 for the TT Coupe – there is also available a more powerful (and more expensive) TTS Coupe. The starting price Coupe of £29,770 could be yours for a mere £558.57 over 60 months based on you having an excellent credit score and having a £500 deposit or p/x.

Once again, therefore, it seems to be a question of “Vorsprung durch Technik”, with Audi continuing to market an iconic, attractive to look at and impressively performing motor car. Get in touch with us for the chance of owning your very own model.

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