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BMW car finance

Driving pleasure, precision engineering and dynamic appearance – these are just some of the characteristics that have made the “Beamer” such a favourite for so many drivers. These are just some of the benefits we at Carfinance247 can help you realise in a way that is not too painful on your pocket.

Take a look at just some of the models that we might help you to own – but first just a little background about the BMW marque.

BMW takes its name from the German company, Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, which was set up to make engines during the First World War for the manufacture of German aircraft. When peace came along in 1918 the factory was prohibited from continuing its arms-related production lines. Instead, BMW opted for motorcycle manufacture instead, and cars followed in 1929. The cars gained a reputation as “The Ultimate Driving Machine” and achieved an amazing, glittering history. The cars remain the epitome of top-notch German design and engineering.

Fuel Economy

BMW has always been competitive when it comes to fuel economy, and the introduction of the ActivHybrid versions of the 3, 5 and 7 Series models means that you can be even more frugal no matter how many miles you have to cover. Those who want to save at the pumps can also pick from economical and powerful diesel powerplants in the modern options available from this manufacturer.

BMW Servicing Costs

Because of its premium brand and meticulous engineering, BMW servicing costs can be higher than average. It also pays to get your car serviced at a main dealership, particularly when it comes to selling it later on, as a fully stamped service book will help to convince buyers that your asking price is justified. There are pre-paid packages available from main dealerships which will let you pay for servicing upfront, although these are only relevant for new buyers. Contact your local garage to get an estimate for servicing and repairs costs before you commit.

BMW 3 Series

There are five basic templates for the current, sixth generation 3 Series, each of which you can use to build your own customised car. What you are likely to get for your efforts are:

  • performance – through a choice of four-cylinder or six cylinder engines fuelled either by petrol or by diesel;
  • efficiency – innovative technologies to help maximise your fuel consumption;
  • style – sleek, distinctive, yet all new 3 Series.

You can own a brand new 3 Series BMW for as little as £23,550 which you could finance by payments of a mere £524.03 over 48 months if you have an excellent credit history and had a deposit of £1,000.

BMW 5 Series

Already known for its sophistication and elegance, BMW have made this latest generation of the 5 Series even more of an eye-catching work in top level motoring. Precision engineering gives it all the performance and reliability you might wish for, and an interior that is spacious and sumptuously appointed.

It may come as no surprise, therefore, that the BMW 5 Series gains top marks from a number of reviewers, who pick out some of the best features as:

  • a brilliant driving machine;
  • extremely well made; and
  • economical – the diesel engine versions in particular.

All this class and elegance could be yours for a surprisingly low £30,265, which we can help you find through monthly payments of £548.97 over 60 months. This is based on you having a good credit history and a deposit of £3,000.


The X5 is just one example of the six-vehicle X Series and the model which BMW describes as a Sports Activity Vehicle or SAV. Whether on or off the road, the X5 is intended to give you both comfort and versatility in a vehicle that displays an immediate stamp of authority.

Test drivers have been impressed by the following features of this third generation of the X5:

  • reinterpreted exterior design and build;
  • clean-cut but sophisticated interior;
  • unrivalled performance and engineering.

Tempted? Well, you could get a 3 year old X5 for around £25,000 and finance it through us. If you have a deposit of £4,000 and an excellent credit score your payment could be £400.75 over 60 months.

You may be amongst those drivers who agree that there is nothing quite like a BMW. So why not get in touch and see how we can help you.

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