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Southern Finance

Southern Finance offers finance for the purchase of cars, vans, motorbikes and leisure vehicles. We have a proven track record with them in sourcing finance for most vehicle types, as well as accessing finance for our customers with less than perfect credit histories.

Who are Southern Finance?

Southern Finance is based in Southampton and its customers are qualified for loans according to the following broad principles:

  • residence – applications are accepted from residents of England, Wales and Scotland;
  • age – borrowers must be over the age of 18 and those under the age of 23 need to provide a guarantor less than 70 years of age. Applicants over 70 years old also need to provide a guarantor less than 70 years of age. Guarantors do not need to live at the same address as the applicant;
  • employment – consideration is given to those applicants in full-time employment, self-employed (bank statements need to be provided), sub-contractors, and those in part-time employment or the employed (as a joint applicant with another in full-time employment). Applications from the retired, benefits claimants and contract workers are not considered;
  • joint applications – these may be made without the respective parties living at the same address;
  • driving licence – a full UK or EU driving licence is required by the applicant or joint applicant if the other holds only a provisional licence;
  • credit record – the company considers applications from those with moderately poor credit histories or settled county court judgments, provided there are no concurrent hire purchase agreements, loans, credit cards or mortgages.
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