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Startline Motor Finance

At Carfinance247, we have arranged lots of finance for our customers using Startline Motor Finance. Why? Because they are great!

Who are Startline Motor Finance?

Based in Glasgow, Startline Motor Finance was founded as recently as 2013, but with a team of professionals already very experienced in the motor finance industry.

The company is a member of the Finance and Leasing Association and follows the responsible lending criteria laid down by the Office of Fair Trading and the Financial Conduct Authority’s high level guidance with respect to Treating Customers Fairly. That is to say, Startline is committed to:

  • treating customers honestly and fairly;
  • targeting identified consumer groups;
  • providing clear information to customers before, during and after any credit agreement has been reached;
  • the provision of services through an established network of dealers;
  • maintenance of standards that the customer may reasonably expect; and
  • the freedom for customers to switch providers, submit a claim or make a complaint.

Startline gives dealers an assurance that their individual customers meet with a consistent response that is in keeping with any lending panel that the dealer has already put in place. The company also undertakes not to vary lending and credit contracts from the form and manner in which they are proposed and to return a formal decision on any application promptly via electronic means.

The company strives towards building sustainable relationships with dealers at a senior level, whilst also maintaining easy access to all staff, whatever their function in the company.

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