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Think of the first generation of mass produced automobile and what is the name that first springs to mind? We’ll bet its Ford. There is probably no other name more closely associated with the car for everyman. The rock-solid tradition continues to be maintained in the current generation of Ford cars and we will showcase just a few of them in a moment. But first, just a little background.

Ford is the biggest motor car company in the UK, located in seven plants and with some 550 dealerships around the country. It may be argued that Ford was the single most important company responsible for the worldwide adoption of the motorcar as the ubiquitous form of transport. The forerunner, of course, was the Model T – a car built for everyday people with a price tag to match. That may be a simple formula, but it is one that continues to keep the Ford motor company most definitely in the spotlight.

Fuel economy

Ford, along with other major manufacturers, has made great strides in engine efficiency in the last few years. Its new cars boast ever increasing levels of fuel economy, particularly from the much lauded EcoBoost engine range. The direct injection turbocharged line up is alleged to offer equal performance to higher displacement engines but with 20% savings on fuel consumption and 15% lower CO2 emissions.

Ford's diesel range is equally impressive with the Fiesta ECOnetic, equipped with a 1.6 litre Duratorq TDCi engine, outperforming a Toyota Prius on motorway mileage and emissions tests at 78mpg and 98g/km in CO2.

Ford Servicing costs

Ford is famous for its cheap and plentiful parts supply and its record on reliability is good, so its cars are as affordable to own as to buy. Furthermore, dealers follow a fixed pricing scheme for service and repair so you'll always know how much you'll have to pay. Value services are available at £99 across the board, with the more comprehensive interim service coming in at £129.

Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is the best-selling family-sized hatchback in the UK. And little wonder, given the way that industry insiders continue to rave about the enhanced qualities of this third generation of one of Ford’s undisputed flagships:

  • it is great to drive, exclaims one review;
  • with supreme quality, says another;
  • handling rivals the VW Golf; whilst
  • the estate version of the Focus offers much more luggage space but handles just as well.

So many other British buyers cannot all be wrong. So, do you want to join this happy band? It will cost just £13,995 for the basic, Studio, version of the Focus, which you can finance with us for just £261.16 a month over 60 months. Based on you having a good credit history and a deposit of £1,500

Ford Fiesta

It might be into its seventh generation, but the Ford Fiesta is in a class of its own amongst the superminis, according to one test driver, who described it as excellent fun to drive. It remains Britain’s best-selling of any type of car. Indeed, the sheer delight in driving the Ford Fiesta is something that seems to have struck a chord with most reviewers. More of the many attributes of the Ford Fiesta are:

  • its stylish design and eye-catching good looks;
  • the affordability and economy of its running costs;
  • manoeuvrability – easy to park; and
  • comfortable.

With a starting price of £9,995, the Ford Fiesta is indeed an affordable motor car. Why not make it more affordable still by arranging finance with Carfinance247 and paying just £219.05 a month for 60 months. Calculations based on you having a deposit of £500 and a fair credit history.

Ford Mondeo

It is the car that manages to be all things to all people, says one driver, who seems to hit the nail on the head in describing a car that has appeal to both business executives and to family car owners.

Those who know and love the car say it is:

  • just as at home on the country roads or in town as on the motorway;
  • refined delivery of power and performance; and
  • large but still exceptionally agile car.

That’s a lot of motor car you could buy for the starting price of £20,000 or, with the help of Carfinance247 only 60 months payments of £343.50. Based on you factoring in a deposit of £2,000 and having a spotless credit history.

You certainly wouldn’t be alone in wanting any one of these Fords, or any other model from this number one manufacturer. But if you get in touch with us, we can actually help make it happen.

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