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Land Rover car finance

The car of choice for intrepid explorers and adventurers the world over, Land Rover retains a distinctly British owner. It has also made a smooth transition from being a robust, all-terrain vehicle to one that is equally at home on city streets or country roads – with all the good looks to match.

The first Land Rover, built in 1948 and the brainchild of British engineer Maurice Wilks was almost certainly inspired by the American Willys Jeep. That was the vehicle of choice for the allied armies during the 1939-45 war and played more than a walk on part in countless films about that time. The Series I, II and III Landys were tough workhorses with amazing off-road capabilities, roughing it with farmers and armies everywhere from Alaska to the Australian Outback. Today’s Land Rover maybe a whole lot comfier and far more refined, but its off-road credentials are still as strong as ever.

Range Rover Evoque

You might be forgiven for wondering whether this is indeed a Land Rover – until you read the nametag above the grille – so distinctively redesigned is the shape of the Range Rover Evoque. It certainly looks good – “athletic” in appearance say the makers – but remains at home on the road or off.

Test drivers have liked:

  • the design – Victoria Beckham, no less, is said to have lent a hand!
  • good looks hide an equally willing and capable all-terrain vehicle; and
  • the quality of the build.

So whether you are bound for the wild and woolly wilderness or just as far as the high street, you might want to consider buying the Range Rover Evoque which can cost as little as £29,205 on the road – or payments of £505.91 a month over 60 months, with £5000 deposit and a good credit history.

Land Rover Freelander 2

The Range Rover Freelander 2 is somewhat similar in appearance to the Evoque, but more rugged in style – yet equally at home on city streets. It is designed to tackle the roughest of terrains – more challenging than anything you are actually likely to encounter, has a unique Roll Stability Control (for use on especially steep hills) and offers more generous load capacity than the Evoque.

Drivers have liked:

  • the new engines (diesel) and build quality;
  • practicality;
  • affordability.

The Range Rover Freelander 2 is indeed affordable compared to, say, the Evoque and prices start at £27,765 on the road – the equivalent of 60 monthly payments of £491.68 with Carfinance247. Illustration based on having an excellent credit history and a deposit of £2,000.

Range Rover Sport

Just as the name says, this is the sports version of the popular Range Rover and turns the ubiquitous SUV into a car just demanding to be driven. The design reshapes the familiar Range Rover outline to give it the required appeal for those wanting a good looking off-road, all-terrain vehicle that also passes muster on city streets.

Drivers so far have commented on:

  • the performance – not only in terms of acceleration from a standing start, but also whilst cruising along;
  • quiet – a sports SUV that handles and accelerates with barely any intrusion of noise from the road or from outside;
  • interior – stylish, lavish and substantial are the three words used to describe the feel from inside the Range Rover Sport.

If you want one, you can get a second-hand one that’s a few years old from around £30,000– which at Carfinance247 translates into monthly payments of £477.08 over 60 months. Calculated on a £5000 deposit and an excellent credit history

Land Rover is an iconic marque that has come a long way from its rough and ready post-war origins. Current models ooze style and sophistication that is likely to appeal to any driver – so why not contact us and discover how easy it might be to own one.

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