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Japanese manufacturers make some of the most reliable motorcars on the road today; Lexus makes cars that are not only reliable but luxury vehicles, too. As far as Japanese machines are concerned, Lexus represents the last word in luxury.

We have some examples to help illustrate just what that means, but first a potted history of the marque.

Toyota produced the first Lexus in total secrecy. Code named F1, the luxury sedan development work started in 1983 and eventually went public as the Lexus LS in 1989. Quality obviously takes time to mature. Today Lexus is sold in more than 70 different territories, and holds its own for luxurious prestige amongst much more established “cars of distinction”.

Fuel Economy

Because the larger Lexus machines run with powerful engines such as a V8 they are never going to be the most economical cars on the road. The company has however launched a series of hybrid cars that offer greater economy. The CT200h will give you 68 mpg and is by far the most economical drive in the range; at the other end of the scale the ISF will only give you around seventeen.

Lexus Servicing costs

A fixed price service with a dealership will set you back around £159.00 making the Lexus one of the more expensive brands to service on the market. Alternative service outlets are available but the work may not be carried out by a trained Lexus fitter. The resale value of any car is always improved by the presence of service history and a main dealer stamp in the book does wonders for holding a cars value. Keeping your Lexus regularly serviced may prove quite costly over time but is necessary to keep the vehicle in good working order and will prevent hefty breakdown bills.

Lexus RX

In terms of price, the Lexus RX falls towards the middle of the manufacturer’s current range. But it certainly stands out head and shoulders above the crowd as a luxuriously appointed SUV. Previous versions of the RX may have become a familiar sight in the UK, where it was first launched in 2005. The current model represents still further refinement of a successful model.

Customers have praised:

  • how well suited it is to long-distance travelling – for driver and passengers;
  • the huge amount of room in the boot; and
  • how very quietly it runs.

If you want to join this happy band of customers, you may be interested in the fact that prices for 4 year old RXs come in at around £18,000– with finance from Carfinance247 that works out at payments of £415.26 for 60 months. Based on a zero deposit and a fair credit history.

Lexus CT

The Lexus CT is something of the baby of the family – both in terms of its description as a compact and in terms of its affordability. The makers describe it as the world’s first full hybrid compact luxury car. But if it is the baby of the Lexus family, it is a very active baby, with an emphasis on the car being sporty and fun to drive.

Customers so far, for example, have said that the Lexus CT is:

  • economical, punchy and fun to drive;
  • very quiet to drive and to travel in;
  • attractive in its sports trim; and
  • comfortable.

Prices for this luxury car start at a reasonable £20,995 – and could be yours for just £475.35 over 48 months – using a part exchange or deposit worth £2000 and having a good credit history.

Lexus IS

The Lexus IS is now in its third generation since the launch of the original model in 1999. In the intervening years, the company has done a lot to refine and improve an already impressive and highly desirable mid-compact car.

Customers of the 2014 model say that what they like about the Lexus IS is:

  • the build quality and specification;
  • the Lexus quality;
  • rally style seats; and
  • a fabulous drive.

All this could be yours for a starting price of £10,950 for a 2 year old IS which is just £252.62 a month over 60 months. Calculations based on a fair credit history.

There is an aura of style, luxury and sophistication about the Lexus range that many might find hard to resist. So why bother resisting when you could talk to us about owning one yourself.

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