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They’ve been around since the Swinging Sixties and may be one of the most enduring of triumphs of original British design. Like very many things, of course, the Mini has moved on and – despite all the tradition and the continuing family resemblance – the Mini is to all intents and purposes a different car for a different generation of driver.

We’ll take a look at some of the particular models available in the Mini range, but first a short lesson in history.

Sir Alec Issigonis saw his two door monocoque design hit the streets in 1959. It was perfectly timed to become the hip car of the Swinging Sixties, an icon of great British design and a decade of amazing cultural change. Today the new BMW Mini is that very rare thing, a remake that’s just as popular as the original. What’s more, new Minis are definitely 21st century in terms of design and performance.

Fuel economy

Of course, fuel consumption will vary according to specification, but broadly speaking, a MINI Hatch, Clubman, Convertible or Coupe will get around 45-50 mpg from unleaded, 55-70 mpg from diesel. The Countryman range achieves 35-45 mpg or thereabouts from unleaded, 45-65 mpg from diesel. Both the Paceman and the Roadster models get around 40-50 mpg from unleaded, 50-65 mpg from diesel.

Servicing Your MINI

Purchasers of a brand new MINI will have five years' servicing included in the price, so there will be nothing further to pay for servicing until the car reaches five years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. Parts and labour are included. After that, an owner can buy a further three years' cover - the price is currently £275 - taking them to the car's eighth birthday or 80,000 miles. This servicing package is transferable, so may add value if the car is sold. After the eight year/80,000 miles point, many MINI franchise dealers offer good fixed-price servicing deals.

Mini Cooper

In fact, this is a recent third generation of the Mini Cooper, still billed as a small car by the makers, but one that has in fact grown somewhat bigger – and better into the bargain. It is one of the fastest of all the “urban cars” on the market, yet still also manages to be one of the most fuel efficient.

The Mini Cooper boasts:

  • a quality finish;
  • a choice of four different engines;
  • acceleration from 0-62 mph in just 7.9 seconds;
  • more spacious inside than its predecessors.

You can buy a Mini Cooper for just £15,300 – payments of £352.97 over 60 months if you choose Carfinance247 to help you finance the purchase – with no deposit and a fair credit history.

Mini One

The Mini One is the entry-level vehicle for the whole range of new Minis and is therefore the cheapest of them. But that doesn’t make it any less advanced. It offers a high-end design; fuel economy realising more than 61 miles per gallon for combined urban and country driving; and new twin power turbo engines.

The Mini One has attracted praise for the fact that it is:

  • extremely good fun to drive;
  • stylish and high quality interior;
  • impressive performance; and
  • more spacious interior than it looks from the outside.

If you go for the entry-level Mini One it will set you back only £13,750 and that equates to payments of just £319.07 over 48 months. Based on £1,000 deposit and a good credit history.

Mini Cooper Roadster

The Mini Cooper Roadster is also called a Sun Seeker because it is a soft top. It is called a roadster because as well as the soft top it also has the elegance and power of a sports car. It is capable of accelerating from 0-62 mph in just 9.2 seconds thanks to its 122 horse power engine.

In simple terms, the Mini Cooper Roadster is:

  • good to look at;
  • blows the wind through your hair;
  • is great to drive; and
  • comes at an affordable price.

That affordable price is just £18,260 and if you want the fun of owning a roadster such as this it can be financed through 60 monthly payments of £310.29 with a £2000 deposit and an excellent credit history.

If you have fallen in love with this new generation of small but fun to drive cars, why not give us a call to discuss the finance to help you own one.

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