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Poor Credit Car Finance

Need car finance but have a poor credit history?

If you are looking for car finance but have a poor credit history, the good news is that here at Carfinance247, we are specialists in arranging loans for those that have previously been refused.

No matter what your financial circumstances, we will try to help even if you have had mortgage arrears, CCJ’s or other payment defaults in the past. Perhaps you are self-employed? Or maybe you have no credit history at all?

This is not always a problem. And while no one is guaranteed to get finance, at Carfinance247 we are sympathetic to people who have experienced financial difficulties or are unable to get a loan for one reason or another.

Even if you are in a debt management plan or have an IVA, we can still try to help. We believe that past financial difficulties shouldn’t hold you back in terms of getting what you want. We also believe that just because you have a poor credit rating, you shouldn’t have to pay over the odds if you are accepted for car finance and, in most cases, no deposit is required with a no obligation quote also being provided.

We have built up special relationships with all the car finance providers who specialise in loans for those with poor credit, and can match you and your unique circumstances to the most suitable lender. This means you stand the best chance of getting accepted for a loan – and at an attractive price!

How to get car finance with a poor credit history

Some people mistakenly believe that if they apply for numerous loans at once, they are bound to get accepted for one. This is a misconception, however, and could actually damage your credit rating further.

Every time you apply for a loan, a note is put on your credit file. When deciding whether to approve you for any type of credit, what is on your credit file in terms of your financial commitments, current status and financial history, is one of the major considerations of a lender.

Lots of applications suggests that you are financially desperate, which will make a lender more likely to refuse your application.

That is why it makes sense to use a specialist such as ourselves.

Our service is easy to use and takes all the hassle and worry out of applying for a loan. Once your application is accepted, we even handle the administrative side of things too – the hardest thing you have to do is choose your car!

Here is how our service works:

  • Simply complete the application form
  • Once approved, the amount you can borrow will be discussed with your personal finance advisor
  • Now for the exciting bit! Choose the vehicle of your choice from any reputable dealer
  • Once you’ve found your dream car, give us all the details and we’ll do the rest!
  • You’ll receive some paperwork to sign and return to us and once we’ve done our final checks, you can collect your new car - it couldn’t be simpler!
Here to help

Carfinance247 are here to help. We pride ourselves on giving a first class service in terms of the products we offer and a friendly, yet professional, customer service.

We are here to make sure the whole process goes as smoothly as possible. We will guide you through the whole application process right through to when you collect your car.

We also offer a number of products to help protect you and your vehicle, such as optional warranties and GAP insurance. (Please speak to your personal advisor about these if you are interested).

We even offer advice on how to repair your credit rating so you will not be turned down for credit in the future.

Order a FREE copy of your credit report from Experian

Why use Carfinance247?

Unlike some other car finance providers, we are not tied to any one particular lender. This means we have access to some excellent finance deals for poor credit customers and can choose the one that is most suitable for you in terms of your financial status and your budget.

We are specialists in finding the car funding solution that is most appropriate for you, quickly and simply.

Do note that we reserve the right to refuse an application if we feel it is not in your best financial interests.

Apply for a great car credit deal today!

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