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Toyota car finance

If you are looking to finance a Toyota you couldn’t be making a wiser choice, given that it seems to a people favourite. Carfinance247 can help you access some attractive finance options on some of the models we have outlined below – typically even when your credit history may be less than perfect.

Before we move on to the three chosen examples, here is a potted history.

Product placement can be a powerful thing. Prior to the 1960s, Toyota had a pretty low profile, then their superb 2000GT partnered James Bond in You Only Live Twice, and suddenly every kid had a Dinky Toyota to play with. The marque’s growth has been phenomenal, built on the back of excellent engineering and consistently superior build quality. In fact by 2008, Toyota was declared Number One for global car sales.

Fuel Economy

All eight AYGO models have 1.0-litre petrol engines and produce 99g/km CO2. Fuel economy averages out at 62mpg. The Prius comes in 4 models, each with petrol engines. The most eco-friendly, the 1.8 Hybrid Plug-in 5 door is the top of the range model but what you pay initially you are sure to recoup, with CO2 emissions of only 49g/km and an average of 143 mpg. The three other models perform well in the fuel economy stakes, commonly reaching 70mpg too. The Land Cruiser is the largest vehicle Toyota currently sells in the UK and runs on a diesel engine. It's heavy on the CO2 emissions at 250g/kg and its 286 bhp will only give you 29 mpg. Despite this, it offers unbeatable standards of luxury and a quality driving experience.

Parts and Servicing

Toyota recommends servicing at approved Toyota garages for all their vehicles. They offer three levels of service, Intermediate, Full and Full+ which range in price from £99 for a basic service on an AYGO to £579 for a Full+ on the sporty GT86. Thanks to Toyota's manufacturing base in the UK, parts are relatively inexpensive and availability is good.

Toyota Aygo

The Toyota Aygo is a small car – but no less fun, no less bold, no less agile for all that. Small means compact and compact means great for running around town. What’s more, in the distinctive good looks stakes, the Aygo is likely to win hands down in its class.

What makes this city car so special is that it:

  • is great fun to drive;
  • offers more space inside than previous versions of this model; and
  • is extraordinarily cheap to run.

At just £7,995, the Toyota may seem like a steal – it could be yours for monthly payments of just £184.45 over 60 months with a fair credit history – and no deposit.

Toyota Auris

The Auris is Toyota’s answer to the other hot hatches, the VW Golf and the Ford Focus – and a very good answer it is, too. It lives up to Toyota’s established reputation for producing very well built cars, has a good range of different engines and there are hybrid models, too.

The Toyota’s strongest points are:

  • the unfailing reliability that comes with the Toyota marque;
  • appealing practicality; and
  • that it is very economical to run.

For a car that offers a lot in a relatively compact package, the starting price of £13,995 appears more than reason – it is after all only 48 payments of £301.99 a month based on you having an excellent credit history and a £1000 deposit.

Toyota Yaris

“Happy Driving” is the manufacturer’s tag for this established model in Toyota’s bag of tricks. And happy driving certainly seems to be assured. There is a distinctly Toyota elegance to the exterior design, an intelligence in the way the whole car is put together and an immediately rewarding driving experience.

The Toyota stands out from the crowd because of its:

  • low running costs;
  • reliability; and
  • spacious interior.

The car could be yours for £9,995 – and that is only £208.91 a month over 60 months if you have a good credit history – and that is with 0% deposit.

Toyota is a difficult marque to beat in terms of reliability, price and standard of engineering. If this makes it attractive to you why not get in touch with us at Carfinance247 where we can try and help you buy the model of your choice.

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