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Vauxhall car finance

Financing your purchase of a Vauxhall motorcar is made simple by us at Carfinance247. If you are after affordable prices – and we have suggested a few below – we can try and help you buy the Vauxhall of your choice.

Before moving on to those examples though, let’s first have a word about Vauxhall’s recent history.

Old boy racers of a certain age will come over misty eyed at hearing the magic words Vauxhall Viva. In the 1970s all you needed was a Viva, fluffy dice and a sunstrip to feel fulfilled. Then there was the Cavalier, sometimes derided as the definitive ‘rep’s car’, it was none the less a good and enormously successful car. And today’s Vauxhall Astra remains an object of desire for first time drivers.

Fuel Consumption

Most Vauxhall cars are built for a budget conscious market and deliver above average fuel consumption for their class. The Zafira achieves an average 42 miles to the gallon. Vauxhall has also introduced the ecoFlex onto most of its popular models, which tips the fuel consumption up to 72mpg with just a few tweaks and modifications.

Vauxhall Servicing Costs

As with the initial cost of a Vauxhall the servicing of their vehicles remains reasonable even through their main dealerships. Vauxhall operate the Masterfit servicing centres and even offer a full servicing plan that allows customers to spread the cost of an annual service over fixed monthly payments.

Vauxhall Corsa

There may have been a time when the reputation of the Vauxhall Corsa left something to be desired. All that has now changed, however, with the launch of a brand new car under the same model name. The reincarnation of the Corsa displays a vehicle that is not only very practical, but also stylish and refined – descriptions that would have seemed quite out of place for the original model.

So what are the principal changes?

  • the fun you can have driving it for one thing;
  • its stylish good looks for another; and
  • the efficiency of its lineup of engines, too.

The complete overhaul of this model has been achieved within a price range that still manages to be just £8,995 – which works out at just £174.42 a month over 60 months with a £650 deposit or p/x if you have a good credit history.

Vauxhall Astra

Believe it or not, the Astra is now into its sixth generation and, rather like the Corsa, has not always attracted the kindest of reviews. Just as with the Corsa, too, the current versions of the Vauxhall Astra are set to turn the tables once again. The quality of build is high, it is acknowledged to be one of the best looking hatchbacks around and there is a wide choice of different engines for you to specify.

What does all this add up to in the new Vauxhall Astra?

  • a great range of both petrol and diesel engines;
  • a highly comfortable ride; and
  • a high quality interior.

For a car that costs just £12,995, this is quite some achievement. You can enjoy everything that Vauxhall has achieved by buying an Astra with a down payment of £1000 and then monthly payments of £276.73 for 60 months. This is based on you having a fair credit history.

Vauxhall Zafira

The first Vauxhall Zafira saw the light of day in 2005 and it has been an extremely popular model ever since. It is a full 7-seater people carrier with a distinctly family-friendly practicality. It remains a very good value – large – family car.

Notable benefits of owning a Zafira are its:

  • flexible use of the very roomy interior;
  • such a good drive – surprisingly perhaps for such large vehicle; and
  • quality of build.

A lot of car, therefore, for a starting price of just £19,250 or the equivalent of £367.35 a month over 60 months. This is based on you having an excellent credit history.

Take your pick of any one of these Vauxhalls and here at Carfinance247 we will do our best to help you finance the purchase.

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