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Can I Apply if I have Existing Finance?

Tim Carpenter, Dedicated car finance expert
Written by Tim Carpenter
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You already have existing finance? That is likely to be great news if you are looking for additional finance to buy a new or used car.

Provided your repayments are all up to date on the existing finance, it means you are probably one step ahead of the game when it comes to arranging further credit. Successfully and responsibly managing the finance you already have helps to build up your credit record and demonstrates that you know how to budget for monthly repayments.

Of course a new credit check is still required, but if this comes back in a positive light there is every possibility of your success in obtaining the new finance you requested.

On the other hand, if you have fallen behind in the repayments on your existing finance, this is likely to have adversely affected your credit score.

Because of that, it may be more difficult – but not necessarily impossible – for us to secure the new finance you need. You may have to pay a somewhat higher rate of interest, and are almost certainly going to have to provide evidence of your current earnings from steady employment or self-employment if you are running your own business.

With your car finance approved, you may then buy your new or used car (or any other vehicle types such as a van, motorbike or caravan) from any reputable dealer in the UK.

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Tim Carpenter, Dedicated car finance expert
Tim Carpenter Car Finance Expert

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