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Can I Get Car Finance if I Have Been Declared Bankrupt?

Tim Carpenter, Dedicated car finance expert
Written by Tim Carpenter
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If you have ever been declared bankrupt then we can still help you finance a new or used car, van, motorbike or caravan / motorhome from a reputable dealership.

We work with lenders who go out of their way to help discharged bankrupts with the finance that they need. Your bankruptcy will have damaged your credit history, but you may have already begun to rebuild this, and by demonstrating that you are able to manage any such borrowing responsibly and successfully may then provide a major step forward in re-establishing your credit status.

When considering a finance application, a lender will look at a number of different factors, including your income and employment, to gauge suitability of the loan. We can help if you’re self-employed, a part-time worker, an agency worker or retired too (to name just a few different employment types).

In most cases, no deposit is required, and you can choose a vehicle from any reputable UK dealership. As we work with a large panel of lenders, we can search the market to find the best finance deal specific to your individual needs (and at the most competitive rate).

Of course, we cannot guarantee car finance. If we feel it is not in your best interests to do so, we will decline your application. It is also important to remember that failure to keep up with the repayments on any credit agreement may lead to further damage of your credit history.

If you are currently in bankruptcy, we regret we are unable to help.

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Tim Carpenter, Dedicated car finance expert
Tim Carpenter Car Finance Expert

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