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Can a 17 year old get car finance?

Hi, I recently just got offered a full time job after my apprenticeship finished. I officially start Monday and will be on a good sum of money.

I receive payment monthly and i was just wondering if i would be able to purchase a car on finance as i am only 17. Thanks a lot

Asked by Lee Smith

Hi Lee, congratulations on completing your apprenticeship! Unfortunately we can only offer car finance to those who are 18 or older and who have a full UK licence and have some form of credit already.

I take it you have a bank account but do you have any other loans or credit cards? If not do you have a contract mobile phone? When you're 18 adding a guarantor such as one of your parents would help you get approved so see if that is an option.

Lastly, how much were you thinking of financing? Once approved with us we provide a no obligation quote and you can buy a car from any dealer. Please apply when you're 18. Kind Regards, Rachel

Tim Carpenter
Answered by Tim Carpenter Car Finance Expert Edited on

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