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I Need A Car Loan for £3500. Will I Be Approved?

Hi, I am looking for about £3500 over 36 months, I checked my credit rating and its around 700 with Experian, Equifax have me on 679 (with error's on my file that I am trying dispute i.e not on electoral role *I am*)

Also I am recently employed (on third month on a Flexi contract so although my contract is part time I work closer to full-time hours). I'm relatively new to using credit facilities, have no defaults but doesn't go back years and years. I have more questions but with this short outline would you consider someone in my position?

Asked by Martin

Hi Martin, from what you have said, we'd be fairly confident of being able to get you approved for a car loan for £3500 over 36 months.

You seem to have a fair score, and the fact that you are employed is of benefit to an application. Please make an application when you get chance. If approved, we provide a no obligation quote and you can buy a car from any dealer. Kind Regards, Rachel

Tim Carpenter
Answered by Tim Carpenter Car Finance Expert Edited on

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