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Do You Provide Finance for Cars Bought Through Private Sales?

Hi Rachel, i wanted a little bit of advice.

I'm after finance for a car that I've located however the car isn't at a dealer but being sold by a private advertiser (via Autotrader). Can your company provide finance for a private car sale?

Please let me know asap. I have decent credit and a good income and require £8000. Please help. Rob

Asked by Robert Nolan

Hi Robert, thank you for your question.

We actually work with a number of lenders who can finance private sales, and this would be through the provision of a personal loan rather than a hire purchase.

We do strongly recommend that you get an RAC or AA car check carried out against the vehicle to ensure that the car isn't going to cause you any problems further down the line.

As you have good credit and a healthy income, the £8000 that you need shouldn't be a problem. Please make an application when you're ready and, if approved, we provide a no obligation quote so that you can see what's on offer. Kind regards, Rachel

Tim Carpenter
Answered by Tim Carpenter Car Finance Expert Edited on

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