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Can you get finance while not on the electoral roll?

Hello, i have very recently just moved address and i'm not currently on the electoral register at my current address.

I also have a feeling that i'm still on the electoral register at my old address. Can i still get approved for a car loan?

Asked by Graham S

Hi Graham, yes you'll still be able to get car finance even though you're not currently on the electoral roll at your new address.

Please put in the last 3 years address history on the car finance application form and our lenders will understand that you've just moved so they won't expect you to be on the electoral register.

As long as there's a clear residential history the lenders will be fine. How is your credit history and have you applied anywhere for car finance yet? Please make an application when you're ready and if approved you can choose a car from any reputable dealer and we also provide a no obligation quote. Kind Regards, Rachel

Tim Carpenter
Answered by Tim Carpenter Car Finance Expert Edited on

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