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Bangers4BEN 2014

We’re proud and excited to announce that we will be taking part in the Bangers4BEN challenge on the 11th October!

The challenge consists of buying a ‘banger’ and driving it to a European country (and back!), with the car being sold on our return and all profits going to BEN.
We’ve bought our car, and it’s this little beauty above, a Mercedes Benz 2.3 CE Coupe. Despite being 23 years old, there doesn’t seem to be too much wrong with it (fingers crossed) and we’re hopeful it can make it there and back in one piece (also fingers crossed!). This year’s theme is ‘The Italian Job’. They choose a different location to drive to every year and, you guessed it, this year we end up in Italy. 
Here’s a run-down of our 4-day challenge:
Day 1 – We travel the 518 miles from Dover to Mulhouse, France. We’ll meet all of our competition for the first time while on the ferry to Calais as well as checking out each other’s bangers! We’ll then be doing the first proper leg of the journey to get to Mulhouse, where we’ll make a pit stop for the night. 
Day 2 – Next up is the 338 miles from Mulhouse to Como, Italy. We’ll take the Autoroute some of the way, before pulling off down some great driving roads. One of these is the Stelvio Pass, which was named by Top Gear as the greatest driving road in the world. From there, we’ll be heading to Lake Como where we’ll refuel for the night.
Day 3 – The final part of the outbound journey is to drive from Como to Turin. In Turin we’ll head to Lingotto, which was home to the famous Fiat factory that had a roof top test track (still remaining), which even featured in ‘The Italian Job’ film itself. We’ll then start heading back, taking in more of Switzerland’s amazing roads on the way, before heading back into France. This leg is approximately 401 miles.
Day 4 – After our final stop, we’ll travel the 518 miles back to Dover. 
This is the part of the journey we are already dreading; handing over the car. The car is being auctioned off on our return, to raise money for BEN. We’re hopeful that through this, and sponsorship, we can raise as much as possible for a very deserving cause, but we’re sure there’ll be a few tears as we hand over this beauty (if it got us there and back in one piece that is!). 
We chose to accept this challenge as BEN is a charity very close to our hearts. We really recognise the work that BEN does, and thought it would be nice if we could raise as much as possible for them to ensure they can continue with the excellent work they are doing.
BEN is the automotive industry charity, the only one of its kind that aims to help those who work or have worked in the automotive and related industries. They provide help through a variety of methods. They strive to provide emotional support, financial support and advice and guidance to all those in need. They also go that step further in providing accommodation, day-care centres and residential centres. They believe that all of the people they help deserve to be treated with the upmost respect and dignity, and maintain high standards of care throughout. They support more than 15000 men and women and their families every year, as well as providing accommodation to over 350 individuals. 
It’s clear from all the above that BEN are very committed and work really hard to ensure they are providing the upmost quality of care, support and help, and it is for all these reasons that we want to help them, by raising as much money as possible.
Any support would be very much appreciated, and if you wish to donate, you can do so here: 
Or, you can text ‘BFBN47’ followed by the amount you wish to donate to 70070, for example ‘BFBN47 £5’.

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