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Six Things We've Learned About Jeremy Clarkson (and One Thing About the BBC)

It has been quite a few weeks for Jeremy Clarkson.

The spotlight has rarely been far away from the presenter since he rejoined the new Top Gear in 2012, but it has shone on him with more intensity than ever as a result of the recent 'fracas'. We already knew that Jeremy had a way of putting his foot in his mouth, but here are ten more things we learned about the man over the course of his suspension and subsequent sacking. 
1) Jeremy Doesn't Much Care For a Cold Platter
Jeremy's troubles started when he arrived late at his hotel only to find that the kitchen had closed, the chef had gone home and all that was on offer was a cold platter of meats and cheeses. Jeremy had his heart set on a nice steak dinner and wasn't amused by this situation. Sadly, he seems to have blamed his producer, Oisin Tymon, for platter-gate and the infamous fracas ensued. 
2) He Is Not Too Big to Say He Is Sorry
Say what you like about Jeremy Clarkson, but it takes a big man to say he is sorry. By all accounts, Jeremy turned himself in and reported his wrongdoings to BBC chiefs. His producer had not even made a complaint. Jeremy reportedly made many attempts to say sorry to Tymon, and it is said that he even went round to his house to make a personal apology. It seems Tymon did not open the door to the presenter. Certainly, when asked on camera if he regretted the incident, he did say he was sorry.
3) He Doesn't Stay In Touch with the Stigs
Although we all love to think of him as a single character, there have in fact been a number of 'Stigs' over the years. They have been a favourite part of the show for its entire run, but Jeremy apparently prefers to keep his distance. As the media, desperate for someone to interview about the Clarkson situation, questioned previous Stigs, they both said they hadn't heard from Jeremy in years. 
4) Jeremy Has Many, Many Supporters (a Lot More Than the Red Arrows)
As Top Gear was pulled from the schedules, the BBC had a big Sunday night hole to fill on our screens. They filled it with a Red Arrows documentary and lost four million viewers in the process. In contrast, a blogger called Guido Fawkes set up a petition to reinstate Jeremy Clarkson and it received more than one million signatures. The petition was then delivered to the BBC by a 'Stig' in a tank, indicating that Jeremy's followers do love the Top Gear stunts. 
5) Jeremy May Be a Little Irked by the BBC and He Swears a Bit
He may being cast as the villain of the piece, but that hasn't stopped Jeremy having a go at his (former) employers at the BBC. He appeared at a charity gala dinner and had a right old go at the BBC in an expletive-filled rant that was filmed by an attendee. Sadly, these pesky smartphones are everywhere these days. 
6) His Co-Hosts Are Going to Be a Little Lost Without Him
Both Richard Hammond and James May have been quiet about their futures. James has been making jokey tweets about being unemployed and has called Jeremy a variety of names in a matey sort of way. Richard has been a lot quieter.
7) The BBC Knows When the Gig Is Up
You have to give some credit to the BBC. Top Gear makes them an absolute fortune. Raking in more than £50 million a year in foreign sales alone, the show is the corporation's biggest money-spinner, and the BBC knows that a lot of this is down to Jeremy Clarkson. It is unlikely that the show will be anything like as successful without him. Nevertheless, the BBC did not duck the issue, and they did what most people, even Jeremy's fans, would concede was probably the right thing.

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