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Looking Ahead to the Frankfurt Motor Show

The Frankfurt Motor Show does not take place until September, but already there are some exciting whispers about what we can expect to see there.

The show is one of the three big three European exhibitions, with the others being Paris and Geneva. Being on the doorstep of the big German car-makers like Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Porsche, it also gets more than its fair share of attention from these prestige brands. This year should prove to be no exception, with Audi, BMW and Mercedes all launching new models at the show.
Audi is taking the opportunity of the Frankfurt Motor Show to debut its new A4 saloon. This will be the fifth incarnation of the A4, and on the surface at least the changes are subtle. Underneath the skin, however, Audi has given the new A4 a completely new chassis - the VW MQB platform. The engineers say that this will mean that the new A4 will have a roomier cabin and more luggage space. Audi is refreshing the A4’s engines with a new range of more environmentally friendly power plants. We can also expect to see new gadgets and driving aids in the cockpit. The A4 is a vital car for Audi. It makes up the bulk of the company’s sales and goes up against the likes of the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C Class in the compact executive saloon market. It is vital, therefore, that Audi gets this right. 
BMW, meanwhile,, is introducing a new version of its baby SUV, the X1. This represents the first major overhaul for the popular little crossover, and it is set to get bigger than the outgoing car. It will also be blessed with improved off-road capabilities and a slightly more rugged design. There will be an improved engine range and a bigger cabin. The car will have improved safety functionality. 
BMW is also introducing a new 7 Series at the show. Again, this model is going to look pretty similar to the old one, but it will actually be a full 14cm longer, therefore promising more space inside. At the same time, it is an impressive 130kg lighter - almost like losing two passengers in the back. The new 7 Series will also feature a host of new tech, such as a new infotainment system with touchscreen and a gesture control capability. The car will have a unique new parking assistant feature. 
Not to be outdone, Mercedes is launching the new C Class Coupé. This has a curvy new design, and Mercedes say that it will be even more refined and luxurious than the already upscale model it replaces. The neat lines include new swept headlights, and there are one or two other style touches to distinguish it from earlier models. As a coupé, it is due to be competing against BMW’s 4 Series, and it looks like it is going to be an enjoyable contest for coupé buyers. 
The Frankfurt show will also see the launch of a new Mercedes GLC and possibly even an exciting new coupé version of the same car. This will mean that the GLC will for the first time be equipped to take on the likes of the Audi Q5 and the BMW X3. 
Elsewhere in the show, you can expect a new Alfa Romeo Giulia. This lovely new compact prestige saloon is set to do battle with the likes of the BMW 3 Series, and it will do so with a dramatic sweeping design and exciting rear-wheel drive to aid its driving enjoyment. There is sure to be a slew of new models, including the breathtaking Quadrofoglio with its stunning 503bhp engine. Lovers of British cars, meanwhile, will be excited at the prospect of seeing the new Jaguar F-Pace in the flesh for the first time. This is being positioned to take on the Audi Q5 and Porsche Macan in the premium SUV sector.

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