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Citroen Grand C4 Picasso Becomes UK’s Quickest-Selling Used Car

Over the course of October the car model which sold quicker than any other used option on the market was the Grand C4 Picasso from French manufacturer Citroen.

This is according to data from AutoTrader, which revealed this specific model was snapped up after an average of 19 days on the market last month.
The average price of the used Grand C4 Picasso models sold in this period was just under £7,000, and the most popular engine option was the HDI, which is unsurprising given the high sales this enjoys from new.
Interestingly, it was Grand C4 Picasso models from 2010 which topped the list as the quickest-selling used car in the UK, meaning that newer models from rival ranges were not quite as likely to convince buyers to go through with a deal in a hurry. And as demand fluctuates from month to month, the current popularity of this large family car may not be sustained in the long term.
The used car which sold almost as quickly as Citroen’s model on average was the Toyota Aygo, with models registered in 2013 making up the bulk of the sales. With a lower average price of almost £6,350 and a petrol engine rather than a diesel power plant, this appealing city car has various benefits to boast of, including excellent reliability levels and affordable maintenance costs.
Third place went to the sporty yet practical 2013 Vauxhall Astra GTC, which also managed to achieve an average selling window of 19 days. As with the Aygo, this model is aimed at individuals or those with younger families, since the more compact size is less practical than the Grand C4 Picasso. But with good looks and a decent amount of power under the bonnet, the Astra GTC’s minimal time on the market in October is not surprising.
The Audi A5 and BMW 3 Series both managed to sell in a short amount of time on average, with executive coupes and saloons proving a hit even on the used market. And with 2012 iterations of both cars selling for between £17,500 and £18,500 each, depreciation is shown to not hit them too hard compared with models from other manufacturers.
The most affordable car to make the top ten in October was the Dacia Sandero, with 2013 models proving to spend the shortest time on the market - taking an average of 20 days to sell. This is actually slightly faster than the 22 days on average for the aforementioned 3 Series, showing that there is plenty of demand for budget cars in the UK.
Lists which reveal the used cars that Brits are buying the quickest can not only reveal the vehicles that are attracting a lot of attention, but also point to wider seasonal trends. And the dominance of compact city cars and large family vehicles in October’s rankings can inform analysis on the entire market.
The absence of the Ford Fiesta is interesting, since it remains the UK’s most commonly registered new car and yet is not achieving the same rapidity of used sales as Vauxhall’s specialist Astra variant. But with plenty of second-hand Fiestas available, buyers will not feel the need to rush into a deal when they encounter one.
Report spokesperson Karolina Edwards-Smajda explained that in spite of VW’s absence from the list of the ten quickest-selling cars in October, overall the emissions scandal had not made a significant dent in demand for models built by this manufacturer. However, the fact that September’s figures found the VW Sharan in the top spot is intriguing, since this large people carrier has subsequently been usurped by Citroen’s equivalent.
Analysts are holding back from making specific predictions about how the UK’s used car market will adjust in the coming months, with October’s quickest-selling cars being just an early sign of a reshuffle.

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