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The Most Exciting Cars of the LA Motor Show 2015

The LA Motor Show was under way last week, attracting major manufacturers from across the planet to show off their latest creations.

So here are just some of the cars which hit the headlines and could eventually arrive on the streets of the UK...
Fiat 124 Spider
This model is arguably both the most exciting and attainable of the cars to appear in LA, reviving a classic name for this Italian manufacturer while benefiting from being based on the same platform as the latest MX-5. The Fiat 124 Spider does diverge from its Mazda counterpart in the engine department, making use of a 1.4 litre petrol power plant which should be capable of developing 138bhp thanks to its turbocharger.
Hitting 60 miles an hour in eight seconds will be just one of the tricks up the sleeve of this sporty yet cost-conscious roadster, as it will also benefit from a touchscreen infotainment system, Bluetooth connectivity, digital radio and impressive sat nav capabilities. Prices are expected to start from close to the £20,000 mark when it goes on sale in the UK in 2016.
VW Beetle Dune
Anyone who wants to take their Beetle to the beach might considering buying the special-edition Dune model, which adds true off-roading capabilities to this popular hatchback. In LA the crowds were able to take in both the standard hard-top coupe as well as the soft-top convertible versions of the Beetle Dune. And with a sand-coloured paint job and golden alloy wheels, it was definitely an eye-catching part of the exhibit.
VW is likely to offer buyers its existing selection of engines for the Dune, although it will have raised suspension to keep the undercarriage from scraping on rougher uneven surfaces. It may not be an all-wheel-drive car, unless VW updates its specifications before its 2016 release, but it is a fresh new take on this retro-inspired range.
Mercedes SL
The face-lifted version of the SL is going to be on sale in the UK from next April, but early access was provided at the LA Motor Show to give potential buyers a look at what to expect. And from an aesthetic standpoint, this roadster range has definitely been sharpened up with a more poised and aggressive stance at the front end, complete with LED headlights.
The interior has also received attention, with the SL now giving drivers the option to adjust the ambient lighting to their own specifications, while the dash benefits from a realigned set of instruments. Under the bonnet, not much will have changed except in the case of the SL 400, which is now slightly more powerful than its predecessor and should be able to hit 62 miles per hour in under five seconds.
Subaru Impreza Saloon
The saloon version of the Impreza has been missing in action in the UK for some time, in spite of the fact that each generation has had its own four-door equivalent to act as a counterpoint to the hatchback in other countries. So fans will be hoping that this upcoming updated version will arrive with both body styles on British soil.
The saloon iteration of the Impreza which appeared in LA last week was a good-looking beast, with a body that makes it look more like a coupe than the family-sized vehicle that it actually is under the skin. And Subaru is expected to offer new engines and various performance iterations of this model, along with more basic entry-level vehicles.
Lamborghini Huracan LP 580-2
Unlike some of its other models, the new Huracan does not adopt Lamborghini’s four-wheel-drive system. Instead, it has a rear-wheel-drive set-up which should lower its overall weight and also reduce its price. It will still hit 199mph as a top speed and reach 62mph in under 3.5 seconds, but for buyers who would rather pay £140,000 than £180,000 or more, this model will hold a lot of appeal.

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