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Vauxhall Insignia Becomes UK’s Most Sought-After Used Car

Last month the Vauxhall Insignia was the used car that spent the lowest average time on the forecourt before being snapped up.

Petrol-powered iterations of the Insignia hatchback registered in 2012 typically took only 20 days to find a buyer, outpacing every other model on the market and overcoming the earlier indications from the SMMT which suggested that SUVs might dominate in this area during November as a result of the anticipated cold snap.
Although the Insignia was the national winner of the speediest-selling used car, there were regional differences, with the VW Touran once again proving to be popular in London and the South East. The Vauxhall Corsa was also a model which did not need to be on sale for long before a buyer was found, managing to see off the competition in Yorkshire and Wales.
The Insignia’s lead nationwide was significant, with the second-place Mercedes-Benz B Class taking 24 days to sell on average and thus sharing its position with the Mitsubishi Outlander and the Audi A3.
Vauxhall’s saloon was also one of the more affordable models on offer, with a typical selling price of £7,335. This is significantly lower than the £14,309 price tag of the Mercedes and the £26,722 paid for Mitsubishi’s MPV.
In the north of the UK the Nissan Note reigned supreme, managing to complete a full year at the top of the sales speed charts with its victory in this region. And interestingly, the top three spots in Northern Ireland were all taken by different versions of the Ford Fiesta, which as a model is still the biggest-selling car across the country, in spite of not quite managing to be purchased as quickly on the used market in comparison with some of its rivals.
The VW Polo was the highest-ranked supermini in the list of November’s fastest-selling used cars, sitting in fifth place and taking 25 days to find a new owner on average. It was just ahead of Hyundai’s i30, matching it fairly closely for price.
Report spokesperson Karolina Edwards-Smajda said that Vauxhall had enjoyed a positive month of sales for both new and used vehicles in November, not only succeeding nationally but also building upon its momentum in certain regions in which it had not previously held such a strong position.
She pointed out that Mitsubishi’s Outlander making an appearance in the top three fastest-selling used cars was noteworthy because the model in question was a hybrid example, with an electric motor enabling it to operate more efficiently than other MPVs when taking on the streets of towns and cities. This is only the second time that a hybrid vehicle has managed to crack the top ten, suggesting that the popularity of these vehicles is starting to increase and they are seen as more desirable than they have been in the past.
Of course, it is worth remembering that looking at the fastest-selling used cars in the UK might give the impression that the entire market is very fast-paced and that anyone who decides to sell a vehicle will be able to get rid of it in less than a month. But when taken as a whole, the average second-hand vehicle still takes 64 days to be purchased by a new owner.
This means that buyers and sellers alike should expect to be able to take their time and make sure that their expectations are in line with the realities of the marketplace rather than being inflated as a result of reports such as this.
Shifts in demand levels for certain makes and models will also occur over time, with seasonal influences being especially strong and regional differences in the popularity of certain cars being a good thing to take into account, especially since this data is readily available to view for all potential sellers of vehicles.

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