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Make love not war: Survey reveals what really happens in UK cars

THREE QUARTERS of British adults say that car journeys are THE most common time to argue with a loved one out of the home.

Men checking out other women while driving is a key reason 

66 per cent of over 18s admitted to making love in a car
As the nation gets ready to celebrate the biggest day of the year for love and romance (Valentine’s Day), Carfinance247 shares some surprising insights into what Brits get up to in their cars. 
A study of over 2,000 UK adults reveals that cars are the key place that couples bicker outside the home (73%), followed by when visiting family (61%), on holiday (58%), out shopping (43%) and during a night out (34%). The least popular time for tempers to flare was while out walking in the countryside.
And it seems it is a combination of women’s inability to follow directions and a man’s roving eye that causes the most "car wars". 
The top six reasons for on-the-road rows are:
1. General argument – issue coming to a head because you’re in a confined space 
2. Getting lost because of poor navigational skills
3. Men ogling other women while in the car 
4. Bad driving habits such as speeding/sharp breaking/shouting at other drivers
5. Back seat driving - giving direction on how to drive 
6. Being late to set off in the first place – through “faffing around”/forgetting something and having to turn around
Bad weather and children’s behaviour on the back seat also featured in the top reasons for rowing on a car journey. 
When asked if their partner was a good driver a controversial 59 per cent answered "No" with only 21 per cent replying "Yes".
That said, it's a fine line between love and hate as 66 per cent admitted that they had made love at some point in their lives in a car and 89 per cent revealed that they had ‘romantically kissed’. 
Amy Smith from Carfinance247 said: “Brits spend a lot of time in their cars – hence why we like to be able to afford the best kind of car and stretch our budgets. But it is quite shocking to discover quite how much couples actually argue while driving, perhaps it because of the time and proximity that encourages issues to not get ignored.
“Driving your partner mad seems to literally be the case on Britain’s roads! 
“On the flip side, I’m sure this Valentine’s Day will be harmonious for many and a time to perhaps bite our tongues to prevent a bust up – at least for one day anyway.”  

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