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Volvo Announces Revised V60 Polestar’s Arrival

The Polestar version of Volvo’s V60 is getting updated later this year, with new details about what buyers can expect from this sporty estate emerging late last week.

Although Volvo tends to have something of a reputation for producing practical and reliable cars which sit at the sedate end of the spectrum in terms of performance, it does get to let its hair down with the V60 Polestar, which in 2016 will be getting a new engine, more power and improved fuel efficiency, according to Auto Express.
On the outside there will be no difference between the updated V60 Polestar and its predecessor, which might be seen as a bit of a disappointment. But it is still a very good-looking car, with an aggressive front end and grille acting in combination with a taut and toned rear to give it effortless cool.
Beneath the surface there are changes aplenty, with the engine getting the most attention. The old 3.0 litre unit has been thrown out in favour of a 2.0 litre power plant which is nevertheless capable of delivering more power and speed than its predecessor.
The Drive-E engine found here is actually cut from the same cloth as the unit which powers Volvo’s T6 edition of the XC90 SUV, albeit with quite a few changes made to ensure that it is civilised enough to fit within the V60.
The engine combines a turbocharger with a supercharger, enabling it to develop an impressive 362bhp in spite of its modest capacity. This will enable it to hit 62mph from a standing start in 4.8 seconds, which is fractionally faster than was possible in the previous generation.
Straight-line speed is not the only thing on offer, as the engineers have also managed to increase fuel efficiency to almost 35 miles per gallon - much better than the paltry 28mpg that could be achieved on the old V60 Polestar. Carbon emissions have also been slashed, meaning that buyers will be able to pick a quick Volvo which is also kinder to the environment.
As with the last edition of this vehicle, the new V60 Polestar comes with a bespoke four-wheel-drive system which, in combination with a high-end automatic transmission, ensures that the power produced by the engine is delivered to the right wheel at the right time. This not only improves traction but also means that it is quicker off the mark than would otherwise be the case.
Volvo has managed to shave weight off this car by using a lighter engine, less weighty rims and even brand new disc brakes in order to achieve the savings it was seeking. And while this may not sound exciting on paper, it all leads to better performance and efficiency when the car is considered as a whole.
There are a number of close rivals that the V60 Polestar will need to overcome in order to win the hearts and minds of car buyers in the UK, with Audi’s latest S4 Avant estate being perhaps the best example. The V60 will be marginally more powerful than this particular competitor, although its 0-62mph time will fall just short of matching Audi’s direct-injection V6 engine.
Pricing for the V60 Polestar has yet to be confirmed in the UK, but Volvo is clearly confident that it will sell a growing number of these models, as it has doubled production projections for the coming year. This will mean that the exclusivity of the Polestar decreases slightly, which is counterbalanced by increased availability in the UK.
The latest S4 Avant costs just under £50,000 in the UK, and it is likely that the V60 Polestar will come close to matching it in this respect. For those looking for a more affordable way to get their hands on a fast Volvo, the T5 and R models of the past will likely be worth looking into this year.

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