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Indian Manufacturer Introduces Compact EV to UK Market

Car buyers looking to get their first taste of a full electric vehicle will have the opportunity to do so at a much more manageable price...

 With the arrival of the Mahindra e2o, which will sell for just under £13,000 following its release next month.

Over in Mahindra’s native India, the e2o is available for as little as £6,000, but in order to capture the attention of drivers in the UK, the firm has decided to significantly overhaul the range and add in a host of new features, thus explaining the higher asking price.

The most important aspect of any EV is range, since charging up the batteries takes time and drivers will want to make sure they invest in an eco-friendly vehicle which is still practical for their needs. And the e2o, which positions itself as a small city car primarily intended for urban use, boasts the ability to cover a maximum of 88 miles before it needs to recharge, according to Auto Express.
Adding to the appeal of this solid range, the e2o boasts a top speed of 63 miles per hour, meaning it will feel nippy enough to take on longer journeys, albeit without quite being capable of keeping pace with the limit on motorways.
Priced at £12,995, the e2o manages to undercut its closest rival, the Renault Twizy, by almost £5,500. And Mahindra also includes the cost of buying the battery in this RRP, meaning that there is no need to rent the cells on top of the standard price, as can be the case with other EVs that are available in the UK.
Acceleration is not exactly the e2o’s strong suit, at least if you use the traditional 0-62mph measurement as the gold standard. It will take a full 18 seconds to hit 50mph from a standing start but gets to 25mph in a far more impressive 4.9 seconds, which is ideal for the stop-start driving that is typical of congested city streets.
A number of different models will make up the e2o range when it goes on sale in May, with the flagship TechX variant offering quicker battery-charging capabilities, bringing it to 90 per cent capacity in just an hour and a half.
For the base model, buyers will have to wait for a full nine hours for charging to take place when using a mains power supply at home.
With the TechX trim, which costs £15,995, interior updates include air conditioning and a touchscreen infotainment and navigation system. Smartphone integration for remote control over the car’s features is also available. Even the base model features electric windows, power steering and a dash which is outfitted with digital instruments rather than analogue alternatives.
Safety is improved over Mahindra’s earlier efforts thanks to the inclusion of twin airbags to protect drivers and passengers alike, as well as anti-lock braking and ESP.
Independent tests have yet to be carried out to determine just how well the e2o will fare in the event of a crash, but a Euro NCAP rating should be made available in the near future so that buyers can make an informed decision.
While the 88-mile maximum range of this EV may not sound that significant, reports suggest that most people commute an average of 22 miles a day, meaning that this falls well within the distance that Mahindra’s latest car can cover.
Although Mahindra does not have a dealership network in the UK, it is intending to offer the e2o to customers online and deliver the vehicle directly to their doors. It will also be able to send out maintenance teams to carry out repairs and servicing duties further down the line, with people living in and around London, Birmingham and Bristol all having the opportunity to book a test drive in the coming weeks to see what this car can achieve

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