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The Most Anticipated Cars of the Beijing Motor Show 2016

Barely a week seems to pass without a major international motor show hitting the headlines. And the next world city to host one is the Chinese capital of Beijing.

Many renowned car manufacturers are going to be showing off their latest creations at the Beijing Motor Show 2016, and here are just some of the biggest hitters to have scheduled an appearance.
Citroen C6
This launch is perhaphs something of a curiosity for those who are based in Europe, since the French manufacturer has confirmed it will only be selling the brand new C6 range in China. The poor sales figures of the past generation have a lot to do with this decision, but the fact that it is being withheld from the EU makes the new C6 even more intriguing.
An MG-badged SUV is winging its way to the UK in the next few months, taking on comparably sized rivals like the VW Tiguan but possibly being priced more affordably to help stimulate early interest. An appearance of the MG GS at the Beijing show is assured, although whether or not the Euro-spec model will be on display is not confirmed.
Renault Koleos
Renault’s latest SUV is based on the same underpinnings as the Nissan X-Trail. And early images suggest that it will be a good-looking and imposing presence on the road, easily having the ability to take on its more prestigious rivals.
VW Touareg
The arrival of the next-generation Touareg at Beijing is another point of debate at the moment, since an official announcement has not been forthcoming. But with the anticipated 2017 launch date looming, VW will want to start generating publicity for its high-end SUV. And with a plug-in hybrid model reportedly joining the standard diesel- and petrol-powered versions, the new Touareg might be one of the most efficient and eco-friendly Chelsea tractors on the market.
Porsche 718 Cayman
The Cayman is the hard-topped alternative to Porsche’s popular Boxter, with the latest generation tipped to emerge in the coming weeks. The biggest news about this cutting-edge model is that it will feature a smaller engine which engineers have managed to squeeze even more power from, allowing it to beat its predecessors in terms of acceleration and top speed.
Audi TT RS
The fastest version of the Audi TT ever made looks set to debut at the Beijing Motor Show, with the German marque thought to be equipping it with a blisteringly quick engine that produces close to 400hp. All this power will be kept in check thanks to new brakes, air intakes and a revised exhaust system.
Chery FV2030
This concept car is likely to turn a lot of heads, thanks both to its incredibly futuristic design and the fact that it offers a fully electric power train. While it may be positioned as a compact crossover, the pre-release pictures seem to suggest that it will veer towards the sportier end of the spectrum, if and when it ever makes it to market.
Lexus IS
Lexus has announced that it will be pulling back the curtains on the all-new IS in Beijing, although for the time being it has kept its cards close to its chest and left most of the details about it a secret. Aside from a few coy press shots which show off the revised headlights and angular front corner, little is known about the next generation of this executive saloon.
Mazda CX-4
Another compact crossover joining Mazda’s line up is the CX-4, and word on the street suggests that it will be a lot sportier than its stable mates. This means it is embracing a coupe design rather than packing a full five doors, with a European version likely to be made available in the future if its launch in Asia proves to be a success for the Japanese car manufacturer.

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