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Top Cars of the London Motor Show 2016

This UK’s biggest car show returned to London with major launches and new models from the most prominent automakers on the planet...

The latest compact SUV to hit the market bears a well-known British badge on its bonnet and will be attempting to take on competitors like the Kia Sportage and Nissan Qasqai by significantly undercutting them on price. A 1.5 litre turbo-powered engine will provide the GS with a decent amount of pulling power, while a four-wheel-drive model will improve the off-road credentials of a car that could help to re-launch MG in the UK.
McLaren 570GT
With a price point of £154,000, the 570GT is one of the more affordable McLaren supercars on the market, and it it also being marketed as the most practical vehicle for everyday driving that this firm has ever produced. With 150 litres of storage space up front, this rear-engined car will also be available with a ‘touring deck’ that adds another 220 litres of room - that's enough for all the luggage that super-rich buyers will want to take with them on weekend trips to the south of France.
TVR Griffith
With the promise of an asking price that is below £100,000, TVR’s latest creation will make use of a V8 engine built by Cosworth and should be capable of hitting a top speed that comes very close to the 200mph sweet spot. A zero-to-60mph time of under four seconds is also on the cards, while the exterior design is a little classier than some of the over-the-top aesthetic choices that the firm has made in the past.
Infiniti Q60
The Q60 is a powerful coupe that Infiniti intends as a rival to BMW’s 4 Series, with the top-tier model boasting a 3.0 litre V6 engine that should develop 400bhp and achieve impressive performance capabilities as a result. A more civilised 2.0 litre version will also be available, making use of four-wheel drive and a cutting-edge gearbox to make driving it a breeze.
Kahn Vengeance
While it may sound like the name of a Star Trek movie, the Kahn Vengeance is actually a supercar which bases itself on the underpinnings of the Aston Martin DB9. Starting at £300,000, this custom-made model is undeniably unique in its looks, with a toothy grin of a grille up front and a set of impressive alloy wheels lending it space-age qualities that may be enough to justify its asking price.
Riversimple RASA
One of the few cars powered by a hydrogen fuel cell to make an appearance at the London Motor Show 2016, this model, manufactured in Wales, is designed to showcase what the future of the automotive industry may look like, as well as indicate that there is an alternative to the battery-powered ambitions of Tesla.
Rolls-Royce Dawn
This drop-top Roller is certainly a striking addition to the firm’s range of luxurious vehicles. And with a 6.6 litre V12 engine under the skin, it should be more powerful than the majority of convertibles on the market at the moment, with a suitably steep £264,000 price tag to match.
Ferrari 488 Spider
Good looks and serious performance are to be expected from any Ferrari, with the new 488 Spider offering both by the bucket load. It is a little more subdued than some of the firm’s other cars, but this makes it all the more appealing when the roof is taken off and some long-distance cruising is on the menu.
The success of the London Motor Show 2016 is unsurprising given the continuing growth of new car sales in the UK, even if a lot of the most exciting models that were exhibited are out of most people’s price range.

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