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£23k Price Tag for Nippy Ford Fiesta ST200

Ford is revamping the Fiesta range with a flagship hot-hatch edition this year, usurping the standard ST model with the impressively fast ST200.

And now the manufacturer has confirmed that it will sell for £22,745 when it is made available in the UK in the next few weeks.
Production of the ST200 gets under way this month, and anyone who wants to invest in it because of its impressive performance credentials and sporty looks will also need to act quickly to snap one up, because it is thought that Ford is only going to build 1000 units.
This kind of exclusivity will no doubt mean that those who get a favourable finance package and buy the Fiesta ST200 could end up enjoying a car that holds on to its value in the long term.
With 197bhp at its disposal, the ST200 will have a 17hp lead on the basic ST model, with the power provided courtesy of the turbocharged 1.6 litre petrol engine.
Raw horsepower is important, but serious car fans also appreciate the relevance of torque when it comes to determining the overall abilities of a vehicle. And with 290Nm of torque on tap, the ST200 should be able to pull consistently across the full range of gears.
With a top speed of 143mph, this small car will definitely pack a punch. And Ford has said that it will be able to hit 62mph in as little as 6.7 seconds, which is fractionally faster than its existing stable mate.
Back at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, the ST200 was unveiled to critical acclaim, with the emphasis being placed on the fact that it will be more powerful than any other Fiesta ever put into production. Compared with standard Fiesta models, it features lower suspension, more responsive steering and a revised gearbox that allows for better performance.
17-inch alloy wheels, half-leather sport seats and an exclusive grey paint job give the ST200 all the trimmings that will help it to stand out from the crowd. And since the Fiesta range remains the best-selling family of cars in the UK, it will certainly have its work cut out when it comes to vying for attention on the road.
Modern hot hatches are far more economical than their forebears, with observers expecting that the ST200 will be able to get almost 48 miles to the gallon thanks to the efficiency of its engine. Although of course if it is pushed to its limits, this should drop much lower.
This week also saw the arrival of the new Renault Megane in the UK, with prices starting off at £16,600. And while this family hatchback is larger than the Fiesta, competing instead with Ford’s ever-popular Focus, it will eventually follow in its footsteps thanks to the expected launch of the Renaultsport-modified hot version, according to Auto Express.
With more than 300bhp under the bonnet and a four-wheel-drive system on board, the Megane RS will be a worthy competitor for the Focus RS while also sporting some particularly bold exterior design choices that arguably give it the aesthetic advantage over its closest rivals.
Until this model arrives, the most powerful new Megane model on offer comes equipped with a 202hp THP turbo engine, which in combination with the top-tier GT Nav trim will be capable of offering the most technically advanced experience from this range to date.
After three years in development, the new Megane is a curvaceous and cutting-edge addition to the hatchback market segment, although it perhaps arrives at a time when public interest is turning away from traditional body types like this and towards SUVs. Renault has this covered with models such as the Captur, but it is also attempting to convince car buyers that it has addressed some of the criticisms about build quality which were levelled against it in past automotive generations.

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