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MG Undercuts Rivals with Cheap SUV Offering

It has officially been confirmed this week that the MG GS will arrive in the UK with a starting price of just £14,995, meaning that it will be one of the most affordable SUVs in its market segment.

And with a solid selection of features included as standard on all models, the GS stands a chance of shaking things up and perhaps dethroning better established brands.

The GS was launched last month at the London Motor Show, and when it goes on sale it will be three and a half thousand pounds less expensive than Nissan’s entry-level Qashqai, against which it will be competing.
For just under £15k, the GS offers air conditioning, cruise control and automatic headlights at no extra cost, according to Auto Express. And while it may be a budget-friendly SUV option in principle, it is also endowed with a surprisingly stylish design that makes it a cut above cheap contemporaries such as the Dacia Duster.
More equipment is added to the GS when the Excite trim is specified, with a Bluetooth-compatible infotainment system featuring a digital radio added to the dash. This model also comes with sensors that will make it easier to park the vehicle without having to rely on guesswork.
The flagship Executive trim replaces the cloth upholstery with luxurious leather, while the alloy wheels of the other two GS models are ousted in favour of larger rims that give it a more aggressive look, hopefully without having a negative impact on the quality of the ride. A touchscreen satellite navigation system is added on this model, with an enhanced automatic transmission also on the cards.
Whichever GS variant is chosen, buyers will be able to enjoy the advantage of an efficient and surprisingly powerful petrol engine which thanks to an integrated turbo charger is capable of developing 164bhp in spite of its modest 1.5 litre capacity.
MG spokesperson Anthony Williams-Kenny said that while the GS is styled to fit in with the rest of the firm’s contemporary range of vehicles, it is also intended to have its own personality and should strike an alluring figure on the roads of the UK when the first deliveries begin to reach their destinations.
The platform harnessed for the GS is so flexible that MG is planning to use it to develop a smaller SUV for release next year, with the idea being that while the full-sized model takes on the Qashqai, its more compact sibling will be able to eat into the market share of Nissan’s Juke.
Another noteworthy asset of the GS, aside from its pricing and good specification, is that its dimensions are sizeable enough to allow it to stand up alongside competitors like the Kia Sportage without looking small by comparison. This means that there is plenty of space in the cabin, a decent boot for swallowing luggage and enough leg room for adults to be accommodated comfortably wherever they choose to sit on board.
Price is still an incredibly important aspect of the car market in the UK, but the availability of affordable finance packages and leasing deals means that buyers may be less interested in the full RRP and more concerned about how much they will be required to pay each month to take ownership of a new SUV like the MG GS.
Other factors which come into play include any deposit contribution offers that are made by dealerships and manufacturers. So it will be interesting to see how MG handles this, especially given that the GS is proof of just how aggressively competitive it is being in terms of price.
The legacy of the MG marque may be enough to help this SUV get off the ground, even if the company is now under the stewardship of a Chinese parent firm. But its long-term success in the UK is still far from assured.

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