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Aston Martin and F1 Team Unveil High-Spec Road Car

The world’s most over-the-top road car has been announced this week by Aston Martin, which worked with Red Bull to come up with the AM-RB 001.

It earns the honour of being referred to as a hypercar in the media, although in reality it is closer to matching a fully fledged Formula 1 racer in terms of its performance potential, according to Auto Car.
The designer behind the AM-RB 001 is Adrian Newey, who is more commonly associated with F1. In fact, he has never created a car which is intended to be used on public roads before, which gives this new vehicle a unique look.
Aston Martin is planning to build at least 99 of these vehicles, with plans to sell a maximum of 150 if production runs smoothly and there is enough demand. In addition, there will be 25 versions of the AM-RB 001 which are created solely for use on the track, with this version claimed to be just as quick around Silverstone as a dedicated F1 car.
This incredible assertion is backed up by the sheer technical excellence of the car’s design, which includes a variety of the most advanced materials in the world to make it as light and fast as possible. It should also be an aerodynamic marvel, cutting through the air as cleanly as possible to put all of its power to good use.
It may have seating for two on the inside, but the driver and passenger will be oriented in a position that is closer to the reclined set-up that F1 stars are used to occupying whilst behind the wheel. This of course means that things like a rear-view mirror are out of the question; instead, the AM-RB 001 will achieve its road-legal status through the use of cameras mounted on the rear and fed through to a display built into the dash.
Like a true F1 racer, this car will have a detachable steering wheel which will allow the driver to hop into the low-slung seat. And the presence of gull-wing doors should mean that getting in and out is not as difficult as might otherwise be the case, although it will hardly be as simple to use as a family hatchback.
The V12 engine which powers the AM-RB 001 has been completely customised, meaning that it is unlike any other power plant currently used by Aston Martin. The manufacturer has remained unhelpfully coy about the actual power output that this unit can achieve, but observers predict that it will develop around 900bhp.
Regenerative braking will ensure that all the energy which is developed when the car is brought to a stop does not go to waste - instead helping to further fuel its ability to accelerate out of corners. And with much of the vehicle built from carbon fibre, it should tip the scales at just 900kg.
The fastest and most advanced car that Aston Martin has ever produced should be available as soon as 2018, with the standard road-going model and the faster, lighter track car both being very much in the ballpark of prices that only the super-rich can ever hope to afford.
At the lower end, the firm is predicting an RRP of £2 million, while the track model of the AM-RB 001 is likely to cost closer to £3 million. In addition, the opportunity to buy one will only be available on an invitation basis, meaning that not everyone who does have that kind of cash kicking around will even be allowed to invest.
A deposit of half a million pounds is required for those who are lucky and affluent enough to earn a place on the list. And sources within the company have claimed that certain customers will be looking to pick up both a road-going AM-RB 001 as well as a track-only model.
While most cars depreciate steeply after they have rolled out of the showroom for the first time, hypercars like this tend to maintain or even appreciate in value. And this seems destined to be the fate of the latest Aston Martin hypercar. 

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