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£35,000 Price Tag For Anniversary Edition of Jeep Wrangler

This year marks seven and a half decades since the first off-road vehicle to bear the Jeep name tag was put into production. And to celebrate, the firm is creating a number of limited-edition adaptations of its existing models.

The Jeep Wrangler 75th Anniversary is one such vehicle, and it has been confirmed to be arriving in the UK for just under £35,000. What might make this price tag seem a little more affordable is the fact that British buyers will only be in with a chance of snapping up 85 of these celebratory models, meaning that it will be a fairly exclusive and uncommon car, with the likelihood of becoming a collector’s item further down the line.

Of course, the standard Wrangler is not exactly cheap, with its £32,000 asking price making it something of an enthusiasts' plaything rather than an everyday off-roader of the kind that has begun to enter all market segments in the wake of the SUV boom.
The 75th Anniversary edition will come with a number of extras, including standard features such as beefy 18-inch alloy rims with a bronze finish, airbags in the front and side of the cabin and exterior detailing which indicates its unusual pedigree.
Unlike many other hard-wearing vehicles, this Jeep is also endowed with leather upholstery, an onboard infotainment system with navigation capabilities and high-end speakers dotted around the interior.
There are enough seats for four people on board, and like many Wranglers before it, the roof can be rolled out of the way altogether, giving the impression that you are driving across the Serengeti even if you are actually heading northbound on the M1.
While this Wrangler can be specified in ‘Sarge Green’, a colour which evokes the military ties for which Jeep is so well known, there are a pair of other hues that can be selected by buyers. With Bright White and Solid Black both on offer, according to Auto Express, it is not exactly the flashiest of cars, but does a good job of maintaining the reputation of its predecessors.
Power is provided either by a 2.8 litre diesel engine or a 3.6 litre V6 petrol power plant, with the former now being updated to comply with the latest Euro 6 regulations which govern emissions. This is excellent news for those concerned about the environment, as well as enabling the Wrangler to be more fuel-efficient in its current state than any of its predecessors.
Of course, the Wrangler’s design has not changed that much in the 30 years since it was originally launched, with its boxy body and jacked-up suspension making it look every bit as adventurous as the first generation. And Jeep has not been shy about building special editions in the past.
In particular, the Wrangler has become noteworthy in recent years for the merchandising deals that Jeep has done with the makers of the Call of Duty video-game franchise, producing special-edition Wranglers in both 2012 and 2013. And back in 2011 it also created a standalone model in recognition of its 70th anniversary, which is a trend that is continued by this latest arrival.
The Jeep Wrangler 75th Anniversary is only available as an adaptation of the Overlander body type from this range, meaning that those who were hoping for a tweaked Sahara will be disappointed. The good news is that the updated engines are now available across all models, with Jeep seeking to refresh the Wrangler without veering away from its rough and ready heritage.
Now would seem to be an ideal time for Jeep to carve out a bigger niche for itself in the UK, with SUV sales continuing to soar and new car sales climbing significantly in consecutive quarters. But with so much competition, it may need to continue making special-edition vehicles to gain any kind of traction with British buyers.

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