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Honda Confirms Prices and Specifications of Next-Generation Civic

The Civic is one of the UK’s most popular hatchbacks, managing to make its mark in spite of the dominance of European manufacturers in this market segment.

And next year a new iteration, built in Britain, will be landing in Honda’s showrooms, with the latest details about the car emerging this week.
Aesthetically, the new Civic is a lot sportier than its already snappy-looking predecessor, with an aggressive front end and a curved back section which seems to elongate it and give it a lower, more planted stance on the road. There are still hints at the former look and feel dotted around its exterior, but Honda is clearly eager to make sure that this model breaks away and finds its own personality.
Making the Civic wider and longer has other advantages, meaning that it should feel bigger on the inside and offer increased leg room. There is also more space for all those important storage compartments that modern car buyers have come to expect from family hatchbacks. Honda has previously spoken about the need to make this model as practical and user-friendly as possible, which it certainly seems to have achieved.
When the Civic goes on sale in the UK next February, it will start at a price point of just under £15,000, which means that while it may not be the cheapest hatchback to hit the UK, it should be well placed to compete with equivalents like the Ford Focus and Vauxhall Astra. With quirky styling and Honda’s reputation for reliability, it will please fans of fashionable yet practical cars.
Under the bonnet, Honda will be offering a pair of brand new turbo-powered VTEC petrol engines, with either a 1.5 litre or a smaller 1.0 litre unit available to choose from. For those who prefer diesel, there should be a 1.6 litre engine from the firm’s existing stable on offer as well, albeit with a fair few tweaks made to the design to ensure that it is up to date in terms of efficiency and emissions.
Further down the line, the introduction of the Type R version of the new Civic is on the cards, with early models spotted out and about on the roads of London late last week. Observers spotted that this prototype version had a trio of tailpipes, hinting at an unusual and intriguing configuration that could help it stand out from the crowd of other hot hatches, according to Auto Express.
It is expected that the Civic Type R will be unveiled in early 2017 before being made available in the autumn. A 2.0 litre turbo engine is expected to be featured, developing an expected 340bhp, or around 34bhp more than its predecessor.
With more power comes better performance off the line, with the suggestion being that this sports model could hit 62mph in just five seconds. This will allow it to go head to head with the Golf GTI and even outdo limited-edition variants of VW’s seminal hot hatch. And Honda might push the top speed north of 170mph, making it a truly impressive beast.
Honda has spent around £215 million in order to improve its factory based in Swindon over the past few years, preparing it for the not insignificant task of putting together the latest Civic. And since this model represents the tenth generation of the range as a whole, it is bound to be seen as a particularly significant introduction.
Hatchbacks remain very popular in the UK, even with the advent of the rise in SUV sales and the dawn of the era of the compact crossover. And this state of affairs seems unlikely to change in the near future.
Honda’s presence in the UK as a manufacturer seems set for the time being, but if the economic uncertainty generated by Brexit persists, then in years to come it may be less willing to sustain its British facilities.

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