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Change of Name and Address on Driving Licence

Hi there, I have recently moved homes and my driving licence still states my previous address. I am in the process of applying for finance (along with a new driving licence), but all of my paperwork is in storage for another few weeks. Would my passport and my driving licence with my previous address, along with utility bills be sufficient for the finance? Thanks, Katie

Posted by Katie Hewitt on


Hi Katie, if you're not on the electoral roll at your new address and you're still on the electoral roll at your previous address i'd strongly advise that you apply for car finance in your previous address as this is where lenders can trace you and where you have recent credit history. Also this ties in with your licence. When you have the finance in place you can then change the address with the finance company and change all of your documents over. If you don't want to do this then you can still apply in your new address and we can just do a DVLA check. Kind Regards, Edwin

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Hi, i am about to change my address so this means my bank as well. I have a fair credit rating never missed any payments and i could also pay £250 up front. Could I still get finance? I am 24.

Posted by Robert on


Hi Robert, if you've literally only just moved address and all your other documentation is in your old address then my advice would be to apply for finance with your old address history and don't update any documentation until the finance has been sorted. Your age isn't a problem and the fact that you have a small deposit is a good thing. Kind Regards, Edwin

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