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I don't have a good credit rating. Could my dad get me a car in his name then sign it over to me?

Hi Edwin, I don't have a good credit rating if i'm being totally honest. As this is the case could my Dad get me a car in his name then sign it over to me? Is this possible as i've not had car finance before.

Posted by Trudy on


Hi Trudy, your Dad could get the finance in his name for you but he would also have to be the registered keeper of the car. You could then be a named driver on the insurance policy and you could pay your Dad monthly for the car finance agreement.

However, once the agreement has been signed he can't then transfer it into your name. No finance company would allow this to happen. If you wanted the finance and car in your name we'd need to see an application from yourself so that we could have a look at your credit profile. How bad is your credit and how much are you looking to borrow? If this isn't an option you would have to get your Dad to apply in his name on our website.

Once approved with us we provide a no obligation quote and you can choose a car from any dealer nationwide. Please make an application when you're ready. Kind Regards, Edwin

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Hello, hope you're well. My father receives high rate attendance allowance. He is 80 years old. My question is - Could he finance a car in his name as the registered owner for myself to drive him around? Are registered owners / registered keepers two different roles? David

Posted by David Jobling on


Hi David, thank you for your question and we'd be glad to help out.

Firstly, a registered keeper and registered owner are the same thing. Your father could indeed finance a car in his name, pay for the vehicle monthly and be the registered owner of the car.

All you'd need to do is get the car insured in your fathers name and add yourself as a named driver on the insurance policy. That way you can use the car to drive your Dad around. I hope this information helps and if you have your fathers permission and you want to make an application please click here. Kind Regards, Edwin

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Hello, I also have bad credit and my dad doesn't have a licence. Would he still be able to get car finance in his name for me?

Posted by Arron kelly on


Hi Arron, thank you for your question.

We do have lenders that can help those with no licences with finance. In most cases, these lenders will need the applicant to have either fairly good credit, or a joint applicant with a full licence.

We actually work with a number of lenders that specialise in providing finance to those with bad credit, including to those with defaults, CCJs and/or in IVAs, so you may want to consider making an application yourself.

If you would like to apply, please click here and if approved you can choose a car from any reputable dealer and we also provide a no obligation quote. Kind Regards, Edwin

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Posted by Moses cox on

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