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Car Finance APR Rates?

Hi There, I am moving to a new job in 2 weeks with a car allowance £440 instead of a company car. I currently have no defaults or CCJ's but 1 late payment on a credit card which i paid but the entry has not updated yet. I need a large family car. Looking for £11500 with an APR up to 20%. Is that possible?

Posted by Ross on


Hi Ross, apologies for the delayed response. Thank you for your question and it sounds like we'll be able to help you with no problems at all. However, the amount you need may not be possible without some form of deposit. Do you have a cash deposit or part exchange? As you have no defaults and CCJ's that's good news and the fact that you've only missed 1 payment on a credit card should mean that we'll be able to get you approved and the 20% APR rate should be bettered if i'm honest - at worst matched. As long as you have a driving licence and can prove your income we'll be in business :-)

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