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Not been in uk for long and need car finance?

Hi, I am just wondering what the likelihood is of me getting a car finance as i only have a limited credit history as i have only been in the uk since sept 2010? My credit rating is fair/good but like i said i dont have the 3 years history. Do you think you can help me or if not would you know of some other company that could? The loan ammount i wanted was £5000. Thank you. Regards, Einar G Vestmann

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Hi Einar, as long as you're on the electoral roll at your current address, have an EU driving licence or UK licence, can prove your income with payslips or bank statements and can prove your address we should be able to help get you £5000. A deposit always helps too. What form of credit do you currently have? Also, on our application to apply you'll have to state 3 years at your current address otherwise it won't let you apply. Are you planning on staying in the UK long? Regards, Edwin

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Hi Edwin, Yes I have all the relevant documents you are asking for and I have moved to the uk to stay and live with my fiancé. As to what credit i currently have the I'm not to sure as to what you mean? Rating i dont know and as far as getting overdrafts and storecard than I have that so I know that i am able to get credit but I´m not sure as to how much of a car finance i can get? I currently have a salary of £850 pounds (net) a month but an extra income witch I can´t declare as I work as an entertainer at night so that is not classed as a income. How much finance do you think I can get based upon this? Thank you, Einar

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Hi Einar, that's great news that you have a store card - that's exactly what i meant when i said do you have any other form of personal credit. It shows the lenders that you can be trusted and you have some history. We could potentially get you £5000 based upon your income. Regards, Edwin

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