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Hi, I'm Edwin and I'm here to help you!
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Edwin Miles. Underwriting Manager

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Invite to Dinner to say thank you?

Hello Edwin, I have to say I'm very impressed with the time you take to answer so many questions. As a result, the general public would very much like to say thank you. In showing our appreciation, you are invited out to dinner with the cutest little Irish woman ever. (Me by the way!!!lol) What do you think??

Posted by Clodagh O'connor on


Wow - that is certainly a first :-) I've never been invited to dinner by someone in the Q&A section. Thank you for the offer Clodagh but we're based in Manchester and i'm guessing you're based in Ireland? It's great to know my help is appreciated though. Thanks again.

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Brilliant. Glad you took it in the spirit it was meant. In all seriousness. You do a great job X p.s . actually I am a teacher in Essex.

Posted by Cloda O Connor on


Thanks Cloda, i might start a dating Q&A :-)

Posted by on

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