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I have car finance from Welcome. Can i hand the car back and can you help?

I have car finance from welcome but im in dispute with them. This is an ongoing matter and i no longer want there vehicle. Would i be refused your finance because of my current agreement.

Posted by Aidan on


Hi Aiden, as long as you have kept up to date with your payments to Welcome car finance you can voluntary terminate your agreement with them by just handing back the vehicle. You are well within your legal rights to do so. If this is not the case then how much is your current car worth and how much have you got left to pay on your car loan? We may be able to help by taking the car on part exchange if you can't hand it back to Welcome. If this isn't possible we can still help you get car finance as we have many lenders who specialise in helping people obtain guaranteed car finance. Kind Regards, Edwin

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I have a car on finance with welcome. How do i part exchange my current car as they have said they don't do that anymore?

Posted by Paula on


Hi Paula, you can part exchange your current car with us and we'll settle the existing car finance with Welcome for you. Have you made an application with us? How much is your car worth (roughly) and how much do you still owe Welcome?

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Would I be able to get to get finance despite having bad credit? I am currently paying off a loan with Welcome Finance. I was self employed when I took out the loan and suffered during the recession. I am now in full time employment taking home around £1800 a month. I am keeping up with my agreed repayments with welcome and have recently paid off some outstanding debts.

Posted by Robert Malloch on


Hi Robert, have you made all your payments on time to Welcome Finance and are you over 50% of the way through the agreement? If so, you can hand your car back and voluntary terminate the agreement with no penalties. If you have missed payments with Welcome Car Finance this may not be an option. It would certainly be worth checking your finance agreement though and running through the T&C's. Do you know how much your current car is worth and what you owe on finance? If we get you approved there is a chance we could settle any negative equity as long as in't not over £750 maximum. Or, do you want to keep your current car and get another one? Regards, Edwin

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