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Can you refinance a balloon loan while in trust deed?

Hi, I am currently in a trust deed and the balloon payment on my car is due in 8 weeks. The car is 4 years old, balance to pay is £4400 and the value is approx £7000.

I'm currently paying £143 a month. To complicate matters, the car is registered in the wife's name, but it was agreed with the IP that the car was a shared resource and was required for both our work duties. Can this balloon payment be refinanced?

Posted by Wilie on


Hi Willie, thank you for your question.

We do indeed have lenders on our panel that help people in trust deeds get car finance. We also have lenders that allow people to re-finance balloon repayments so as long as we can get you accepted (not guaranteed at this stage) we'll be able to help as the value of the car is greater than the amount you owe which is great.

Please make an application and once approved we provide a no obligation quote. Kind Regards, Edwin

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Posted by Stuart Gamble on

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