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Car finance through dealership

Hello, I was wondering if you can please answer my 1 question. If I select a car from a BMW or Audi official dealership can I apply the finance portion through you?

Posted by Salman on


Hi Salman, yes - if you locate your own car we can just provide the finance. Have you already applied for finance through the dealer or not? How is your credit history and would you have any form of deposit? Regards, Edwin

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Hi, I have a similar question. Me and my husband have seen a car in our local car dealer for £4995 but with our car as a deposit was dropped to £4495. We gave our details to apply for finance but the following day i went to check my credit report and a CCJ for £205 popped up from nowhere. I rang the court and it has been sorted now with two payments within two weeks. I have six creditors 3 are satisfied and 3 are defaulted. We are not sure on my husbands profile but he works fulltime and earns about £1000 a month. Would there be any chance of help or would i need a guarantor as well? Thank you

Posted by Jess on


Hi Jess, your husband could act as a guarantor so please make a joint application on our website. If we can get you approved we'll be able to get you the £4495 that you require to purchase the vehicle. We do help people with defaulted accounts so hopefully we'll be able to get you passed. Regards, Edwin

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I haven't bothered trying for credit in a year and have a 885 score. If approved would i have to buy a car from one of your dealers or can i source a S class Mercedes myself from a dealer and forward proof of purchase.

Posted by Gary Sleeman on


Hi Gary, if approved for finance with ourselves you can choose to buy your Mercedes S Class from any reputable car dealer. Let me know your reference number after you have applied and i'll take a look at your application myself. How much finance do you anticipate needing and do you have a deposit? Kind Regards, Edwin

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